We are still working on this. We will soon give the list of all Industries which cater to the 12 chosen career roots. The links with Industries would be extended to all those who wish to benefit from the association. It will do an extensive research to reach out to the industries in a planned manner. Government should consider ways of reflecting and promoting the employability skills and attributes in funding mechanisms such as 
the Research Excellence Framework (REF).
 The brief objective of finding the Industry links with the Academic orientation or learning is discussed below:

The research objectives for Industry & Academia Learning patterns are:

  1. To explore the perceptions of employers and 
Higher Education Institution staff concerning the skills, knowledge and characteristics which help undergraduates /new graduates to be employable.
  2. To ascertain whether perceptions vary by employment sector and employer size.
  3. To assess whether such perceptions have influenced HEI strategies (informal and formal) to provide support, activities and learning opportunities to enhance students’ employability skills.
  4. To explore what formal or informal methods are used by employers to assess graduates’ employability skills as part of their recruitment process.
  5. To assess whether there are differences in desirable employability skill sets across those who have graduated from programmes of study that have included a greater or lesser amount of work-based and work-related learning (or learning approaches that inculcate such skills).
  6. The Learning will have to be taken up in association with Academia and Industries together and can be modelled on a mix of all types discussed below, which will increase the academic performance significantly:         

Project Based Learning-PBL   / Industry Based Learning-IBL  / Internship Based Learning-IBL / Work Based Learning-WBL /  Skill-Based Learning-SBL/ Society Based Learning-SBL      / Market Based Learning-MBL / Opportunity Based Learning-OBL / Interest Based Learning-IBL / Value-Based Learning-VBL/ Personality Based Learning-PBL

When Learning is imparted as per the niche requirements for excellence, we all gain. Our country now needs this good mix which can not happen without strong Industry linkages and well planned out way of using our youth as resource through rigorous research in the lab.