Jha Educational & Entrepreneurial Team (JEET), will focus on the following Research:  

  1. Will dedicate its services to the cause of Education in India and across the globe,
  2. Will Create Laboratories for research on Career and all related aspects. It will impact career of individuals and shape the economy of the nation by supporting in producing enlightened and worthy citizens with skills to reach the peak in their field.
  3. Its main aim will be to discovery the hidden Talents of the best resource called life through scientifically designed tests in the laboratory with experts around the globe”. 
  4. It will Guide all from the age of five to eighty five for the whole Life, through our Expert Associates from all possible career field expertise area in India and across the globe.
  5. This association is active in research to understand the impactful method of spreading this dire need at this juncture.
  6. Incase fully understood and implemented the country will have a greater impact on creating human resource more committed and magically superposed efforts created in all domains. It can upsurge developmental activities very differently. 


The core objectives of the Experts in FTEF (Five To Eighty-Five) under JEET will be to:

  • Begin to Focus at an early age of Five and continue until one wishes to, say eighty-five and bring cross-sectoral stakeholders under one roof to impact the youth to understand self and choose the best career option based on scientific tests.
  • Provide a prescription of career options for each registered member based on different tests which will cover all possible aspects of expert opinion in a legal frame
  • Exchange data, information/experience at regional/ national and global levels to effectuate changes in Individual’s lives
  • Exploit the analysed data for all possible contemporary and futuristic career options and guidance and research
  • Explore all possible potential collaborations and research with all rigour to take the problem of mankind to focus in view of guidance & prescription of Career.
  • Develop a framework for greater outreach through partnerships and membership of Academicians, Industrialists, Business houses and entrepreneurs.
  • Influence the development of a systemic approach to real-time Career and Skill development including the past & present government policy experience
  • Share feedback of success rates, individual case studies and peculiarities
  • Get the onsite rigorous training on the skills provided in association with Industries and link the same with Industry output and the markets for earning and creating employability by integrating all required aspects
  • Create a big database of Skill gaps, Skilled-manpower requirements, type of skills to be acquired by individuals, Matching the manpower and the production line requirements of the Industries and the market
  • Include this aspect of Career Lab in Education Policy of the country to make in India