Frequently asked questions with short answers is given.

  1. When should we register? Any time, Any day. Earlier the better.
  2. Will it be beneficial? For sure.
  3. Will it not close the choice available? It will make it clear.
  4. What will you advise on and how? 3 best and 3 next career options through tests.
  5. What type of tests will be available? Focussed on 5 types: Interest, Skill, Value, Personality and differentiating skills.
  6. Where all in the country will you be present? Every state capital
  7. How much do we have to pay? Very less. It will be to cover the admin cost and test. May be just Rs.1000 per year. It will cover any number of tests required based on experts opinion.
  8. How is it different from Counselling? It is based on data through the tests.
  9. Can you guide us in Arts Career? All Career options are covered.
  10. Should Engineering be taken as Career? Why not? But only if it suits one.
  11. What is actually wrong with the present Education system? Big question.
  12. Why should the career path suggested by you be followed? It is based on study done on your ward.
  13. Who all are your advisors? They are all listed.
  14. Can you change the way my ward thinks? To some extent.
  15. Will you guide my son who did Engineering but is not interested in working in that area? Yes.
  16. How can differentiating skills be developed? We will guide.
  17. Do you feel you can change something? Yes.
  18. My ward is an introvert? What should he do? We will test and guide.
  19. How scientific are your tests? Totally.
  20. How much time will the test take? Just a few days. Some online and some in the lab, some face to face with recordings done.
  21. How many times will the test be conducted ? Left to you.
  22. My son does not want to do our family business. Can you test him? Yes.
  23. Will you also take some training programs or coaching? If required.
  24. Can I send my son/daughter alone for the test? Yes.
  25. Can the test not be done online? Yes, partly.
  26. Why is my ward not mixing with his friends? To be tested. But you should not worry.
  27. Can every child be guided? Yes
  28. Can I join your organisation as an expert? Yes you can apply.
  29. My son does not want to go to school. What should we do? We will test him.
  30. Can you solve all our problems?   NO. We only test, analyse and prescribe.

All such questions which come to your mind may be written and brought for an honest answer  from experts. With Celebration of differences in mind and understanding of Complexity of life of each individual, we strive to have best co-existing life by choice.