experts.jpgTwelve (12) Career Roots/ Career Verticals/Career Domains:

              We will explain the 12 domain areas where expertise can be achieved or one’s career could be explored depending on some hidden inner individual traits.

           The same is best known to the individuals and we advise that it should an honest opinion put forward to receive the best suggestions. Nevertheless, we may have more than one interest or bend as well. The priorities can be decided since multi talented personality exist and one can choose to have expertise in different domain as well, sometimes this can come at different phases of life. A Very rough and Broad categorisation is done below into countable areas without any claim of its completion in any sense:

12 Career Root/Verticals/Domains:

  1. Management & Business Administration
  2. Commerce/Accountancy, Business & Entrepreneurship
  3. Engineering/Technology & Manufacturing
  4. Physical Sciences
  5. Tourism & Hospitality
  6. Social Sciences
  7. Medicine & Health Studies
  8. General Services
  9. Legal Services
  10. Sports & Yogic Science
  11. Research & Development
  12. Army & Security

A-1: Management & Business Administration: 

  • Management & Leadership with Human Resources, Marketing etc..
  • Business, National & International, Company, Trading, Industry, SMEs, Private, family, NGOs etc.
  • Financial operations: Banking, Insurance, Bonds, Mutual Fund, Actuarial Science, Micro financing

B-2: Commerce/Accounts, Business & Entrepreneurship: 

  • Commerce & Business
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Self Employment 
  • Entrepreneurship, 
  • Innovation, Incubation & Start-ups

C-3: Engineering, Technology & Manufacturing

  • Engineering: Sound, Mining, Core Engg, Oceanography, Consultancy, Automobile, Textile, printing, Leather, plastic, Chemical
  • Computing: Computer and Information Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, cyber world, Data security, Big data, Analytics
  • Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical Civil…..
  • Communication & Transmission, Networking, Wireless, Wifi 
  • Architecture & Building Safety , Seismology, GIS
  • Geological survey
  • Interior Design & Decoration, furniture, Painting
  • Small Scale Manufacturing
  • Large Scale / Heavy Machinery Technology & Manufacturing: Electronic, Automobile, aeronautics, Manufacturing of machines, lifts, cars, trucks, Aircrafts, guns, war items etc..

D-4: Physical Sciences

  • Physical Sciences, Space Science, Metrology, Physics, Chemistry, Anthropology
  • Life Sciences, Bio-Technology, Bio-informatics, Genetics, Mutation
  • Mathematical Sciences, Statistical Science, Gaming
  • Environment Protection, Bio-Diversity, pollution, Climatology, Rainfall, Global warming,

E-5: Tourism & Hospitality

  • Tourism & Adventure
  • Edu-Tourism
  • Hospitality & Catering

F-6: Social Sciences

  • Arts, Political Science, International Relations & Border related policies, History, Geography, Cartography, Economics, Psychology, Sociology
  • Sociology, Social Security,
  • Cultural Studies, Heritage
  • Psychology & Cognitive Science
  • Entertainment, Movie Making, Drama & Theatre
  • Music & other Art forms: vocal, Instrumental, Dance forms and Stage performance, Painting
  • Linguistics, Literature, Poems, Grammar, foreign Languages
  • Religious studies, Co-existence
  • Polity & Leadership

G-7. Medicine & Health Studies

  • Medicine & Pharmacy, Drugs, pest Management
  • Healthcare practitioners, Dental, Cardio, Neural, Derma…
  • Healthcare support, Bio-Medicine, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Cosmetics, Bio-instrumentation

H-8: Services:

  • Bureaucracy & Civil Services
  • Fashion Design, Shoe design, Hair Designing, Wooden, Metallic, Carving etc..
  • Journalism, Mass Media & Communication, Editing, Anchoring
  • Technical & Skill Based: Tech Gadgets, Hobby, Beautician, jewellery etc..
  • Community and social services: Awareness campaign, interdependence 
  • Education: Capability building at all levels primary, Secondary & Higher Education, Advisory, Skill based, Vocational, Linguistics, Writer, Publishing, motivation & inspiration, a
  • Training & Development Teacher’s Training, Soft Skills, Personality, Counselling, Competitive Examination & preparation
  • Library & Archive & Information Retrieval, E-Library, Animation, Digitisation
  • Food preparation and serving, Hotel Management
  • Hospitality, House keeping, Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance
  • Personal care and service occupations, Hobby, facelift
  • Office and administrative support & Documentation
  • Farming & Agri & Food Processing products, Agriculture, Seed quality, Soil Science, Crop production
  • Fishing and All water bodies
  • Forestry and wild life, Horticulture, floriculture, Pisci-culture, Sericulture…
  • Civil Construction and extraction 
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Transportation and Aviation, material moving
  • packaging & transmission
  • Inventory, Land Record Keeping, Administration
  • Quality Assurance, ISO, TQM
  • Home Making, Child rearing
  • Cultural Heritage & Maintenance of Monuments

I-9: Research & Development

  • Research & Development, Interdisciplinary exploration
  • Intellectual Property, Patent

J-10: Sports & Yogic Science

  • Sports: Physical Fitness, Aerobics, Swimming, Self Protection & Martial Arts, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Kho-kho etc
  • Yoga & spirituality: Self Exploration & self-realisation, Life Skill Development, ethics, Scriptures & Manuscripts, 

K-11: Legal Services

  • Legal Services,
  • IT & Cyber Laws,
  • corporate Law, 
  • Law & Governance

L-12: Army & Security:

  • Armed Forces & Military Operations, CISF, BSF, Emergency Services, Security & International Relation Maintenance, Interpol
  • Protective service, Securities, Natural Calamities, Disaster