Edupreneurship: Need of the hour


Jha Edupreneurial Excellence Team is formed by experts from across the globe to follow established norms with a hub concept for growing the ecosystem of Education and Entrepreneurship. We understand that it encompasses the very innovative spirit to begin an endeavour or venture with a passion & grit to convert an idea to field / work floor of execution from scratch to finish. The Execution level may belong to the category of a business, product or service. The same spirit applied to the area of Education has come in a big way in the recent years. Edupreneurship is the innovative budge word wherein we integrate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the ever changing and ever evolving educational Eco system. It is at the root of lives of civilisations.

Edupreneurship does not necessarily refer to starting businesses. It is inspired by infinite opportunities in and around us with limited resources with the basic goal of creating value using innovation and aligning itself to the very purpose of its existence. JEET has its focus on CAREER and Research on career with the aim of prescribing Best suited career road in the sea of existing opportunities on testing each individual over a period on certain well known and understood parameters. It would also give the passport with the names of all possible industries or areas where that individual will excel.

Edupreneurship rests on several foundational principle:

  1. Open & Broad Technical and scientific mindset & psychological bend and progressive and all inclusive outlook
  2. Knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies
  3. Creative visionary thinking,
  4. A problem solving or systems engineering approach
  5. Some simple Economic business plan
  6. Recognising Edupreneurial success stories
  7. Quality education and training for Educators
  8. Merit based transparent system with honesty & integrity
  9. Creating supportive Administration with progressive mind
  10. Outcome based learning with projects, workshops, seminars, industry or work place engagements, social interaction and service etc.
  11. Better public-private integration for faster growth
  12. Revisiting School, Secondary & Higher Education, Research & Industrial houses for better social upliftment and all round development of personality

The exact meaning is contextual and also dependent on the target audience. Simply put, Edupreneurship is about innovative and creative ways of capacity building in the field of education. It is also very very contemporary and market driven, aiming and the needed change and reforms in execution using the available resources and the technological advancements. Edupreneurship broadly encompasses

  • New and market based innovative course,
  • Developing and spreading web based creative learning system
  • Evolving Delivery Mechanism and E-content for solving problems
  • Focussing on one or more multi-dimensional Education space
  • Creating a culture of Research & Self evaluation & Learning etc..

Edupreneurs in this Tech age has access to all the technological resources at their disposal to improvise instruction delivery and supplement earlier methodologies. Smart gadgets make Edupreneurs friendly and learning is impacted faster and with ease.

Edupreneurs upload the time-table with their lesson plans, Plans for individual classes are delivered and recorded for future references, Put and check assignments online through the ERP and all aspects of evaluation, trends, level of difficulties, objective and subjective tests patterns, Mock Tests, Regular revision sessions, live interaction with mentors and teachers etc.. are all possible today. The world has shrunk from a field to mobile through all types of handy apps.