This is a contact page with some basic information.

  1. All your queries should be based on your Career. The advice initially will be given through e-mail only before we start issuing Career Passports. Any small query is also welcome.
  2. All advices will be through our Expert Panel Members.
  3. Your one point contact is through our E-Mail Address: fivetoeightyfive@gmail.com; jeet5to85@gmail.com; raman@five-to-eighty-five.org
  4. Lookup for all details on http://www.five-to-eighty-five.org 
  5. Pages on our main menu must be visited to understand the concept & codes to be used on the Registration page.
  6. Your career related queries will be answered only after you have registered.
  7. Speak to us on +91 7488765803

“JEET”Means “WIN” in Hindi. We will make everyone win. Winning is possible only if, we contribute positively, with full energy and passion, in the area of our talent, hidden in us.