Human Quests

Human Queries and Quests have always effected their own progress and their own conditions depending on how they have utilized their wisdom, from the learnings, from the responses of the environment and those surrounding them. We classify these quests into three categories:

  1. Outer Quests
  2. Inner Quests
  3. Spiritual/ Existential Quests

Life is for living and it can’t and should not be partially lived.  All three quests have to be met within one’s lifetime only. The very purpose and the reason for our free existence is nature’s way of progression. But Nature keeps many aspects hidden, for leaving all options open as our choices. Freedom is therefore hidden as a choice in our action. We have to decipher these hints of nature for excellence. Co-existence is existence is the underlying principle of NATURE.

We are made up of three different mutually exclusive parts mainly BODY, MIND, and SELF. The needs, characteristics, and qualities of these three are all very different and will have to be totally understood. Our sense organs make impressions from the outer world and generate responses as queries to be either interpreted rightly with understanding or without. The responses depend totally on the individual’s perception, wisdom, and personality. The results are obvious. Farsightedness and realization of impact space, it’s temporary/permanent nature and available resources make each one take decisions. These decisions have a pattern and the series of decisions taken bring in satisfaction or happiness and universal appreciation.

The quests which reflect in as requirements of three aspects of our being namely Body, Mind and Self become complex as we progress in age from childhood to adulthood to matured and old age. TRUE EDUCATION plays a big role. These complexities may even be termed as impurities. This comes in the form of varying energies in different individuals. We understand them as different versions of individuals. Since we are social beings, the relationship between individuals, at the family level, society level and at the level of existence should be looked differently. The aim of this article is to highlight this important aspect, missing NOW.

  1. The Body is not us. The bodily requirements are limited and discontinuous, and we must understand the limitedness in terms of availability of resources and using the universal co-existence principle and mutually agreeable at all levels.
  2. The mind is like the sky for an astronaut, the freedom given to us as a gift of nature. Training the mind to remain aligned with our purpose and goal is very much possible if we begin early. We must take up universal teaching on priority before it is too late. Only Education is the key. 
  3. The self requirements are unlimited and continuous. We exist to grow our inner selves. Paths are known.

Only priorities have to be shifted and the Quest or the thrust can be quenched.

Encroachment & Enforcement

      The acceptance of limited capacity or capability of Human beings has resulted in the so-called present-day problem of encroachment of RIGHTS and enforcement of DUTIES. Individuals have somehow remained miniaturized in terms of their potential utilization with only the basic minimum sensory and conscious efforts being put towards progress.

     The technology advancements are aiding in ease of work but the time, money and energy saved are still not focussed deliberately on their higher performance. The net outcome and the result, therefore, remains almost the same at the level of self-maintenance rather than surplus production, regional and national economic contribution, performance enhancement, capacity building, knowledge or skill enhancement or exploring other avenues of higher-level awareness and interaction with experts or people in their own areas and that of others. We can also blame it on the system which does not have such forums or platforms but we are more to be blamed. Instead of having the feeling of satisfaction or prosperity we are still entangled by the ghost of deprivation. This present-day situation thus gives us plenty of time to waste and misuse.

      The excess unfruitful time with reasonable security in life makes the brain move its attention towards the wrong or nonrewarding arena. We start drifting towards the encroachment of the rights of others in various forms and away from our expected duties. Even the Constitution talks of only fundamental duties and fundamental rights.

     The concept of acceptance of universal duties for all including those deprived, animals, plants or whole of Biomass and cosmos as a whole in our sphere of thought and action, only can bring us out of ANIMAL LIKE nature.  Rights would follow and be fulfilled as a fallout of the first part. Being Human and bringing these values to each life can be a mission-based work plan at individual level, society level, national level and at the level of existence. Lead has to be taken by Educationists. Action points can be identified and march has to begin.

Else the fight between encroachment and enforcement would continue. 



Visible Career Contours

Every human being is destined to excel, but reality is different. What makes this peak performance of majority fall off the track. Growing eco-system essentially lacks, certain very very important ingredients, so very essential for excellence, specially in India. Some problems are put put below to fathom deeper for a solution.

  1. Good & Healthy Childhood- depends on family background & their priorities apart from the individual’s instincts which are inherent and hidden.
  2. Society where he grows and interacts with his peer group fellows and actually learns. The personality that comes out is a mixed product with no original self sense. Individuality & true self does not take root most often.
  3. Good and Balanced Education system- provided by parents & Govt system prevailing and the financial health of parents
  4. Encouragement to the Child for following unbiased, balanced & rational path and still be totally free to apply his originality & creativity. Child needs love and can contribute only when he feels loved and encouraged like that from a real guru.
  5. False propaganda, positioning of some irrelevant thoughts, biases of religion, sects, regions, languages, cultures dominate in early nurturing period.
  6. A system to observe the growth pattern of the child and shape their career along that path so badly required for excellence.

Some questions..

  • What time does a child visualise the actual contours of future career ahead of him?
  • What are those contours?
  • Who observes them first?
  • Who notes them?
  • Who applies them in the real life in real sense?

GAP EXISTS. This is to be done scientifically else the capabilities and intellect will only be utilised for basic survival and not for excellence. We need Career & Skill Research Lab.



My mother Jahanvi Devi blessed us at the launch of Youth Lab India (YLI) and Lifetime Career Lab (LCL) on 10th Oct 2017.



Also present are:

  1. Mr. Ambuj Kumar Jha: Director, Alpha International & Mother’s International School, Ranchi
  2. Mr. Ravindra Thakur, Govt of Jharkhand
  3. Col. Ranjan Kumar (Retd.)
  4. Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Jha, Colorado State University, Colorado, USA
  5. Prof. (Dr.) Ajit K. Pandey, Director, Amity Univ Jharkhand
  6. Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kr Jha, VC, Amity Univ Jharkhand


JEET initiative: An ideal, inclusive, integrated, innovative, involved and inspired Initiative to prescribe Best Career Options through Laboratory Tests

        I Begin this important Journey of my life by saluting my sweet HOME. My mother made what my home is all about. The whole purpose of the mission is dedicated to her. This page will make you at home with our objectives and methodology and our very basis of genesis and future plans.


      Jha Educational & Entrepreneurial Team (JEET), in the name of my mother family and my mother Jahanvi Devi and is dedicated to impact career of individuals and shape the economy of the nation by supporting in producing enlightened and worthy citizens with skills to reach the peak in their field. 

           Life is a question whose answers are to be found by bringing it to a Laboratory. Life itself is a Laboratory where the complex individual is lost in the crowd and is searching for the machine to understand himself, his roles, his own behaviour, his environment and everything he can’t even see or visualise. Not many laboratories have been developed to understand this complex system called Life. We need to bring this resource called life to the Laboratory for all tests and then seek to understand its best performing arena where that life will not only flourish or be satisfied but would contribute to many many more things. This Laboratory will guide you to choose between many options available based on your personal situation, your interests, experiences, capabilities, family history, genetic structure, blood group, psychological and physical strengths, Academic excellence, bends, trends, financial health, future aim, state of ignition or awakening and appreciation achieved etc. through a set of tests. We are a team to guide you. We understand that any career path chosen carefully will make your life worth it