Career Bends & Changing priorities with ever evolving wisdom

We as Human beings are guided by our inner wisdom which evolves very changing moment without passing any so called defined test. It can be an individual or a collective wisdom downing upon us because of the prevailing situation which we refer to as priorities in general or an informed choice or a transformed preference (the most evolved form of wisdom). Every such decision brings in an impact on the career path and a selected few really analyse the full situation. Hence a Gap exists between what we might have chosen to be and what we have ultimately chosen as THE BEND at any point in our life.

This Gap analysis has huge number of independent and interdependent dimensions and hence the complexity. Can the inputs (right ones) from all such varied and differing dimensions be combined together in a prescriptive form as advisory or as the best path available? This ought to be very very individualistic but with plural expert inputs from many wise minds who know what should be chosen. The world will become a much better place to be if only these collective wisdom is made to be practiced. This has to be scientifically convincing yet subjective to be the best fit for the individual in picture. This is a big dream I am living with for the last few years.

What should we aim at?

Life is a journey. Should we aim at the path or the end. It is said that difficult path has wonderful destiny and wonderful path may not have the best end. Some say we should just keep moving. Some say we should move in a chosen direction. It becomes so difficult to choose a direction and continue without any course change in between. Should we change our course in between? Till what time can we keep thinking of changing? Who will decide if this is my last and final change? How do we decide to stick to the final change viewpoint and the chosen path? Is it an internal call or an externally driven trigger?

I personally believe that the answer is IN us. But we can’t possibly find out and can’t decide to stick to any one chosen path because of outwardly world which recognises different things at different time. Why look out when the solution is inside? Imagine if Sachin had played football or he had changed his course in between. Laws of Physics determines the evolved state of Physical systems so badly dependent on initial conditions if we understand the system well. Our Life also follows a pattern but is not deterministic but probabilistic. It is because of the complexity so inherent in our evolution itself. BUT WE STILL CAN DESIGN OUR DESTINY with substantial accuracy AND THEREFORE we must choose to plan to aim at it. 

Initial conditions can all be designed, fixed, planned, programmed hence focussed, passionate designed person with known success story can be fabricated. Let us explore how. It requires deep integration of a huge number of dimensions of human existence. EDUCATION IS THE KEY. 

Students’​ Character building

            Character is the inner strength or weakness which becomes inbuilt in our behaviour, interactions, meetings, presentations, dealings, expressions that you can’t hide it.

Can one therefore one afford to have a questionable character?

Can one stay for life with a doubtful character?

But many do so, because they can’t change it. It got ingrained because of the genetic and environmental surroundings and upbringing. Character is a very strong word and we many a times do not event appreciate where we are heading. Today we need students and citizens with strong character who can lead in the changing world, which changes every moment. We as Academicians must stress on a strong mix of old traditions with modernity encompassing aspects of Humanity, Intellectual acumen, Physical fitness, Spiritual self with strong moral fibre and will to excel.  Ingredients must needed are put down in four leadership traits. Our Children must be :

  1. Thought Leaders
  2. Dream Weavers
  3. Lovers with passion
  4. Fighters

We got to work to build an Eco-System which automatically inculcates these qualities in the children. It is our duty and we must not lose on time. The Academic curricula must contain comprehensive elements of modern teaching with possibilities of evolution with time and in-built rigorous regular training on modern Education, Skill and technological knowhow rather being exam oriented learning to pass. THEY MUST LEARN TO LEARN. Rest follows.

                                      “Character is built only through education”. 

Search and research in Education with responsibility

          Education at all levels require dedication, commitment, awareness, in-depth knowledge and appreciation of growing aspirations of the teacher and the taught.

       The continued relationship with all stakeholders in the field of Education is becoming a challenge. A lot is to be achieved and THIS important aspect is not getting the attention it deserves. Less Educated or illiterate CAN NOT appreciate the changing time and they can not therefore fulfil the real future needs. The GAP is widening but good sense is prevailing to bring back its importance and its lost glory. Understanding of its importance is a responsibility of one and all. Sooner the better. This requires search and research at all levels:

Teachers’ level,

Parents’ level,

Society level,

Government level,

Students’ level,

Technology level,

Psychological level,

Spiritual level,

Economic level etc….

We know and we all believe, that it is possible if and only if,  we take the full responsibility. Why should we not bring back what we already had.? The history was great and the present scope is huge. The TIME is now. Wish we have a discussion on EDUCATION at all levels to create workforce based on

Talent, Training, Interest, Inclination, affordability, Respect and positive competition.

May the Search begin for better days since Education & Awareness determines all developmental signatures.

Some Questions on Life Laboratory & Career

Life is a question whose answers are to be found by bring it to a Laboratory. Life itself is a Laboratory where the complex person is lost in the crowd and is searching for the machine to understand himself, his roles, his own behaviour, his environment and everything he can’t even see or visualise.  

Some basic questions which strike my mind are put to make the like minded meet and find a solution for a better and involved life where we do what we are best made for. Finding a career / or a path of this journey called life is essential. But not many laboratories have been developed to understand this complex system.

  1. Is that the way we should live?
  2. Is there a better way to utilise / maximise or optimise the resource given to all of us? The resource is life itself.
  3. Have we understood all aspects of it? I am sure not.

We need to bring this resource called life to the Laboratory for all tests and then seek to understand its best performing arena where that life will not only flourish or be satisfied but would contribute to many many more things.

We all await to see this happen without impacting the natural flavour of any individual respecting all above parameters of each individual and ensuring coexistence.