Search for all inclusive aspects of Educational Support required for All

Q: Should the planning for Education not be all inclusive and for ever, at all stages of life? If yes, what aspects should be covered and when?
All dream of Best Career. All deserve the luxuries and fun of life. All deserve to get the best out of it. All deserve basic necessities of life and a life where they get the respect from all fellow beings. But many do not get it, is a reality. Should we dare dream of a system in India wherein all will have to get educated and be a contributor to the income of the family, the state and the country in whatever manner depending on interest, skill, value system, personality and differentiating qualities.
We also want this at the fastest rate. Limited life span with unlimited capabilities and limitless opportunities can be best evolved if only all become educated. We need to be intensely involved in the deep rooted culture, humanity, respect for each other without an iota of doubt.
Important Aspects are:
  1. Domain knowledge & Technological Advancements
  2. Self Awareness and understanding
  3. Group dynamics and Behavioural Science
  4. Clarity in Goal setting based on passion and possibilities
  5. leadership
  6. Personality
  7. communication and Project Management
  8. Research & Analytical skills
  9. Life Skills & Balance
  10. Physical fitness
  11. Family Management
  12. Bridging Generation Gap by continuous Education etc….


Expect Experts to comment and join.



    Clarity and Balance in Life

    Taking a clue from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudevan’s interview I wish to put my words to the basic theme enshrined in the topic above. It will be of great advantage if understood by large number of learning community.


    Clarity of purpose and the problem at hand.

                        This comes only through real and continued Education. The problem with most in our part of the world is the confused, half hearted, hazy picture and perception, sometime planned so, by the vested interest. Many remain ignorant or innocent about the hidden pattern of the intended clarity including various business houses, institutions of repute, persons of great origin. We remain in the state of half clarity. Clarity at the level of policy making and its fully planned execution is a must. WE MUST STRIVE TO BECOME CLEAR IN ALL ASPECTS OF THE PROBLEM. THIS HAS TO BE ACHIEVED BY ALL BY ALL MEANS. BE READY TO FIGHT SMARTLY. BUT WE MUST UNITE FOR THE PURPOSE WITH CLARITY.


    Balance on all decisions without compromise.

                               A balance of course is required on the rigour with which the same is to be affecting many. With deep sense of integrity in life, one has to have a balance so that none remain without taking the fruits of development. Why should any one in any country remain divorced from the benefits of the system? Why should there be differential treatment on any basis other than merit. The balance should be made based on society, individual capabilities and disabilities, areas of development, sex, age etc…

    There is therefore a need for bringing this awareness through a comprehensive plan to educate all at all levels of age so as to keep abreast with the development and fit well with the new generations.

    When you have time

    The story of time and it’s different ways of management is now in number and even taught. What if you have time? Many a times it becomes very very difficult to handle what you have. Some usual things people would do is to contact those whom they have not been able to keep contact. Some would manage and take stock of finances, Human Resource, relatives, children, belongings etc. The actual most important aspect of self understanding or realisation of our inner reference point, the self, is not in focus. We realise only with experience that some opportunities have been lost. What should we therefore focus at? I believe we got to align our intelligence hidden in our talent and in us with the purpose of our life, our dharma and the intelligence of Universe of which we all are part. How can this be done. One is that you be what you are and go silence to understand this problem of alignment. Spiritually which has this at its base, clubbed with Yoga and meditation can bring miracles. Scientific method of testing individuals about their characteristic self may help reach this goal of all goals. Once you see or even imagine the essence of this divine alignment, magic will begin to happen. Do and achieve this ecstasy. Why wait? For those who don’t have time or resources are unlucky but you are worse if you don’t use what you have or do what you can. Passionate steps at the right time only will fetch right results.

    Should Education be Career oriented or the other way round?

    A question which bothers us is under the scanner? Who will decide what he/she will study? Who will decide what direction will one choose or commit for life as Career? AND which should proceed the other. The discussion can be done on the lines below:

    1. Can we actually decide what career will a child choose? I feel he or she should.
    2. Can we actually decide what should one study? Why not?

    But Indian society is still predominantly differently entangled in its clarity of thought. We want security of getting assured job rather than the JOB we would love to do. We want to assure our survival (as if it is still in danger) rather than work for excellence in our field of interest and mental wiring inherited. Just a few jobs are being targeted and majority DO NOT get it for years and we still do the same. We need our children to learn to think first rather than think to learn.

    The reasons may be

    • the big population and the mental setup which has been fed about the existing bankruptcy of jobs in the market
    • poverty where working hand is essential
    • Low risk taking capacity
    • Lack of Exposure, and low level of confidence
    • Low learning from our past
    • Existing Mediocre society where excellence still is not valued
    • Creativity, innovation, individualism, Entrepreneurship is not getting encouraged.
    • Govt. policies also value position rather than the person and hid values
    • Low value system flourishes and short-cuts are encouraged
    • Politics is rampant in every organisation

    The means of getting it also does not matter to us. Rather we feel proud that some body has helped us out of the way. We only search for that one GOD father who would give that support.

    What is the way out? All answers are hidden in the questions above.

    WE ALL NEED EXPERT GUIDANCE AND CONFIDENCE THAT WE CAN BE DIFFERENT. I invite enthusiasts and experts in every field to initially raise flags so as to begin the change. We can join hand to make a different system. Yes we Can. Please join JEET.

    Research culture for better future.

    That we are now placed in best of times as far as Humanity is concerned is undoubted in terms of intelligence, resources, awareness and technology.

    We have forgotten our old research culture which brought out the niche expertise in all and the channels of communication then were so successful in making all happy, contented and blissful. We were comparatively more at peace with ourselves and coexistence was our culture. We were more matured. What went wrong?

    Possibly we got caught in the history and went towards materialism and somehow failed to save all that we had and we were proud of. WE HAD A GREAT RESEARCH CULTURE. To a large extent Competition rather than capability became our mantra. Luxury rather than Need and requirement became our aim. Money rather than respect and value system attracted us. Division rather than unity became the norm. Survival rather than satisfaction and enrichment caught our culture. Rigour and hard work took back seat and lust and quick short cut became our methodology.

    Result is obvious for all of us to see. Research Culture must come back. We must start enjoying what we do and do what we enjoy. Only the knowing the best explored path are to be treaded rather than a mad rush or a market driven human race. Path to be followed in life should emanate from our knowledge, understanding, ethical impact to masses, self driven and self satisfying goal. Entrepreneurs of today have to think multi-dimensionally and see the future days to come and work to achieve with confidence and maturity. Half hearted, half-baked, or load taken with low confidence is bound to fail. One should embark on this journey of uncertain life with greatest certainty or confidence based on the research in that field. Le us not waste it. 


    Yoga is Knowing & Experiencing limitlessness of self

    Absolute inclusiveness, limited identity, limitlessness of self to touch humanity through Yoga is a possibility. Today’s time is capable of addressing all our problems: All Resources, Apt Technology and all intellectual capabilities exist. How inclusive are we in our experience of life in leadership, layers of mind, types of memory etc. determine the level of success. I quote some truths as per Sadguru of Isha Foundation, Sri Jaggi Vasudevan.

    Four  dimensions of mind

    1. Intelligence: Education has constipated our mind. We use it to know something, but you can’t know life using intelligence. Understanding by  chopping off into parts using intelligence is the method used. Thought has been over illusised. Logic can’t arrive at inclusive consciousness. Our knowledge is bound, ignorance is limitless. Intelligence is Self preservation-building wall which hide us from the fragrance of life and its aspects of Limitlessness.
    2. Ahankara: Talking of Identity we know that our fundamental identity is body, colour. Identity has a problem with so many things, We must identify with entire Universe and not limited to the body and self.  Identity wales intellect. Your identity is with entire Universe and not with isolated self. This gives rise to Ahankara.
    3. Manas: Huge collection of memory.
    4. Chitta: Most important, No memory in it, pure intelligence, converting bread to body, designed to expand infinitely.

    The complete union and alignment of all dimensions of mind with body and the energy (Prana) is what is experientially achieved through yoga where all limits break. We need to accept this reality to succeed as life.


    Choose the fruits offered by Life

    I strongly believe that Life offers fruits which are the results of




    Soft skills,




    family background,

    financial health,


    chosen directions,

    decisions taken in time,


    physical capabilities,

    environment in which one is brought up,

    society in which he lives,

    religion he is forced to follow or follows,

    thought processes evolved,

    maturity gained at that point of time,

    Teachers he have met,

    people and friends he interacted with

    and a gamut of dimensions imaginary and real.

    But the good point is all lives have their core areas of interest, persona, skills, value system,  and their corresponding individual and combined fruits or results. We have to choose from those very cautiously and work on these as resources, sharpen them with tools available and walk on a path to make its best use. What confuses all of us is an irrational way of comparison, unknowing lowering of our own self esteem, not understanding our niche areas fully and also many a times mislead. We need a Lab to test us in standardised manner and we would definitely benefit.

    Change for better


    JEET will make you all change for better. Being aware and getting this awareness early or in time is essential to get the fullness of life. Nature drives us to some territories totally unknown and unexplored by us and we tend to defy it, by being in our own comfort zone many a time unknowingly, but most of the time intentionally.

    Being intentionally non-aligned to natural struggle to come out of our self bondages is a crime most commit and as a result decide to succumb to mundane matters of everyday life.


    Can we be exceptional?

    In how many fields can we be exceptional?

    When and Where does one think one can be exceptional?

    Is it by Chance or by design that we can be exceptional? Can we someway test it?

    Are we not intelligent enough to judge and measure and prescribe who should do what?




    Career Education has emotional impact for Life

            We have all our childhood experiences and whatever was seen, taught, observed, read, experienced had great impact on our character and personality building. If all children have similar experiences or THE required EXPERIENCES as would be required for leading a life in that direction, HE WOULD SIMPLY EXCEL. How long should we have hit and trial method or LUCK playing the major role in ones life. CAN WE INSURE THAT GOOD LUCK AND THE ACTUAL REQUIRED GOOD LUCK. Now what is required is generally by and large known. We would only require experts and associated to join JEET to make everyone win in life.

            The impact in the childhood time remains for life and we have that impact on our later part even at emotional level hence major decisions get influenced. Each life is an experience and each will have to be studied and documented and data used for guiding people scientifically as proven (statistically) as defined path.

            Education in its present form in Universities is now limited to gathering knowledge in areas defined for our understanding of nature, analysing existing knowledge and through research creating some new knowledge. Most of this is disseminating the existing knowledge with very small percentage involved in creative and innovative activities because of its design. There is a need for revamping the things, understanding the trends and putting thing which are related as far as career is concerned in proper perspective. I call this as Career Education which would contain all branches, Leaves, flowers and fruits for each root. One has to understand one tree totally and become a tree for next generation. 

    Should Career options not be a course to be taught?

    It is my experience and voluminous data which speaks so loudly about the Employment scenario of our country and many more population dominated ones. Governments have tough time deciding about the Jobs being made available to them and employers are struggling to find the best suitable candidate and the requisite skills in them. We hear Govt. not giving enough attention it deserves and many a times failing to come to power because of non performing bread earners in majority of families. Industries exist to use the manpower with least resources to maximise profit margins. We as Educationists play with available numbers floating in the market with no contribution to attacking the real fitment or guiding the same or making choices and options available in any organised manner for the students. each one of us have faced this problem and will always face. Can we work out intelligently in some way, wherein we teach them about each type of available jobs in the market and what is required for the same? We can then demarcate who fits in best for what? We have to use the data taken on aspects important for choosing a career. We have to set up a research lab where we can find the inter relationship. Wish people join the mission.