The Career Tree is the fully understood career roadmap of an individual with all CAREER DESTINATIONS seen as a tree branches, depicting all possible career opportunities as leaves starting from one Seed or one career root.

In the manner we understand a tree we have tried to relate it to a career in a different  manner and have also extended the concept to all possible interleaving and interconnection between career options as can again be seen in the jungle where all trees thrive together to make a great ecosystem because of which Human race has thrived for so long :

  1. One Root:       Academic Stream as Career Root: School Level
  2. One shoot:     Academic Program chosen from the root: College/University Level
  3. Branches:    Possible Job options in the chosen stream & program. It has many options like branches of the tree. Jobs Options ( ~1000 for each root): Market
  4. Leaves:           Uncountable and replaceable: Career Options: Oppotunities
  5. Flowers:         Area of Blossoming contribution in one’s Life- Passion/Excellence
  6. Fruits:            The Individual contributions/outcomes from Human existence
  7. Many Seeds:  Furtherance possibilities of the fruits for all options of new trees

We have reduced all leaves (Career options) to emanate from 12 different Roots for almost 12000 Branches / jobs and design Career Trees or career destinations with all possible interconnections or possible jumps or bends or milestones or rest points as we cross the jungle called LIFE. The research is on ……and will remain on………………… 

Would like experts to join the mission and help us grow each life as one tree.