career quest.jpg

Please ask yourself these questions and write in your diary.

  1. Can we  understand the behaviour / response of each one we meet and suggest what career path should he have chosen and why?
  2. Have we not seen many, doing something, he is not happy at all with?
  3. Are we all contributing our best in the work place or feel different?
  4. Do we lack talents or are we on a wrong career path?
  5. Has some one guided you to this career path or you just chose to go ahead?
  6. What made you choose your present career path?
  7. Would you like to change your career path?
  8. What things make you happy and what make you totally upset?
  9. Would you like someone to listen to you and guide you to be at peace with you as regards your career?
  10. Do you have something which you feel you have different from others?
  11. Do you feel you can change something?
  12. What type of a team would you like to work for?
  13. What freedom do you want in your work place?
  14. Are you clear about your goals?
  15. Do you know anybody who is happy in any job?
  16. What will make you have good relations with others?
  17. Is life satisfying as per your Job and career is concerned?
  18. Who are your ideals?
  19. Who you would like to hate?
  20. What path you would never follow?
  21. What does money mean to you?
  22. Did you ever quit?
  23. How do you make your point?
  24. What maximum can you achieve?
  25. Why is your life important to you?
  26. Can you impact others’ lives?
  27. What is the best technology you have seen or used?
  28. Where all have you wanted to visit?
  29. What attracts you most?
  30. What does career mean to you and your peer group?
  31. ……..
  32. ……….
  33. …………..continued. Some questions come to your mind. Write them and have your honest answer jotted down to draw your career map-CP.

With Celebration of differences in mind and understanding of Complexity of life of each individual, we must strive to have best co-existing life by choice.