Career Passports are planned to be advised and issued after a substantial data analysis of your individual raw inputs and certain tests conducted in our career lab using established statistical tools. These are prescriptive in nature with advice from experts come as Career passports for Three Best and Two next career path to be followed by the individual. The possibility thinking cap guides one to choose the best out of available choices at that point of time. Revisiting after attaining wisdom or changed data on acquiring certificates, degrees, better health, better financial conditions is welcome by us till you are happy.

         Incase we are able to guide or shape the career of at least some selected few, we would see this as a mark of success, but a lot is dependent on the path to be followed with utmost sincerity and rigour.

“JEET”Means “WIN” in Hindi. We will make everyone win. Winning is possible only if, we contribute positively, with full energy and passion, in the area of our talent, hidden in us.