Visible Career Contours

Every human being is destined to excel, but reality is different. What makes this peak performance of majority fall off the track. Growing eco-system essentially lacks, certain very very important ingredients, so very essential for excellence, specially in India. Some problems are put put below to fathom deeper for a solution.

  1. Good & Healthy Childhood- depends on family background & their priorities apart from the individual’s instincts which are inherent and hidden.
  2. Society where he grows and interacts with his peer group fellows and actually learns. The personality that comes out is a mixed product with no original self sense. Individuality & true self does not take root most often.
  3. Good and Balanced Education system- provided by parents & Govt system prevailing and the financial health of parents
  4. Encouragement to the Child for following unbiased, balanced & rational path and still be totally free to apply his originality & creativity. Child needs love and can contribute only when he feels loved and encouraged like that from a real guru.
  5. False propaganda, positioning of some irrelevant thoughts, biases of religion, sects, regions, languages, cultures dominate in early nurturing period.
  6. A system to observe the growth pattern of the child and shape their career along that path so badly required for excellence.

Some questions..

  • What time does a child visualise the actual contours of future career ahead of him?
  • What are those contours?
  • Who observes them first?
  • Who notes them?
  • Who applies them in the real life in real sense?

GAP EXISTS. This is to be done scientifically else the capabilities and intellect will only be utilised for basic survival and not for excellence. We need Career & Skill Research Lab.

Career is for Caring

While discussing and understanding of aspects of Career I was extremely happy to see a relation like Teach for Teachers, Seek for Seekers and the like, and interpret Career for Care or Caring. It has a deep hidden meaning and this article brings a new interpretation and point of view of the hidden design of GOD. GOD has created us all as a creator and left the choice of career to us. The moment one tries to understand the meaning of life and its purpose, the imprint is visualised. We are here to care about our fellow beings, share with them the opportunities, resources, acquired knowledge, skills, even wealth and the like. We, therefore, have to choose a direction of Career where we are at out Best and that has to be the direction of passion, no expectation, enjoyment of giving, caring, sharing, being your real self. The differences designed by the creator has to be appreciated and linked with its usefulness using our wisdom rather than being rebuked or put down. The universal leadership demands togetherness and that also comes from our scriptures where the whole world is one family. Yoga has the same essence of Unity. But unless we as individuals do not keep ourselves at our best version, this unity is not possible.

         Career Lab has this deep sense of enquiry to understand each individual for a longer time through tests and analyse the data for a longer period to come to a sufficient level of confidence to prescribe Career Passport with all details of the path to be followed. All will have to be tested for their passion and make THE BEST impact on their own lives along with all others directly or indirectly.

Inspired By Possibilities

  • Everyone on earth sees objects around him/her place of interaction or movement, observes people, interacts with so many different people with varying degree of appreciation, experiences situations in all walks of life, makes decisions and all these directly or indirectly influence our future.
  • Every problem is unique but there are so many different possibilities of solving it.
  • Life is full of opportunities and possibilities at all its stages. It would be nice if most possibilities or answers to life problems can be put before the life actors namely human beings, the path or journey can be smoothened and clearly understood.
  • It is precisely with this aim that this article is being written that we as conscious beings should be inspired by myriad possibilities that nature has already put before us. All we require is the following:
  1. Creative Vision
  2. Organised thought
  3. Controlled attention

Linking the possibilities with the dots created through our laboratory tests one is expected to have a clear way forward as far as his /her Career is concerned. All above points are ways of turning inward, looking at ourselves closely, as to what will give us the best blissful moments and how consistently the same can be followed for longer period of existence.

This inspiration needs the comprehensive perception of our persona, skill sets, value system and our response to these, with deep understanding, will guide us devote our lives to our own chosen career path.

L-CSR-Lab: Tao of Career

Tao by definition is that in virtue of which all things happen or exist or the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality, the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony, the path of virtuous conduct, the art or skill of doing something in harmony with the essential nature of the thing.
         Taoism teaches a person to follow their breath, to embrace wonder and the joy of living gracefully with style. It starts by teaching a truth; “The Tao” is indefinable. It then follows up by teaching that each person can discover the Tao on their terms. A system of belief, attitudes, and practices set towards the service and living to a person’s nature. The path of understanding Taoism is simply accepting oneself. Live life and discover who you are.
Your nature is ever changing and is always the same. Don’t try to resolve the various contradictions in life, instead learn acceptance of your nature.

We are each a blend of many truths. The truth taught in Taoism is to embrace life in actions that support you as a person. Taoism teaches a person to live in their heart.

Taoism can be summarised as acceptance of your life, following your breath to find peace, opening up a smile to enable possibility.

No wrong path exists at the end since it’s about experiencing life.


JEET Laboratory is attempting to be the Tao of Career for all, by understanding that nature and instinct through tests to let you choose as per your own real self.

Early age Career Contours

Career Contours are usually visible at an early age but we neglect them with the concept that the things (thought, actions, and related initial habits ) will change with maturity. The question or the answer to this date and year is only approximate and no care is given at the time required. It either subsides because of social, parental or peer pressure, but this instinct is well hidden at our conscious or subconscious level. Can we record it and note it for the future. This is possible with the involvement of the full family and school teachers, maids, playmates and documented in some place of individual Career Library data. This data set collection is very very important and has to be accurate and be recorded continuously putting a close watch or undergoing a laboratory test put at all points of contact & interaction especially at the first age code level namely from 5 to 15 years of age.

We can then analyze the monthly or annual data trends and draw out a contour. The trend is going to be obviously clear. It is just not the IQ, EQ or SQ test, but a whole lot of activities that the child does will bring out his career bend. We need to find correlated activities in a child and data from a group of children of the same age group and preferably from the same environment and affluence will make sense to draw out inferences. This is just not possible to do this by parents or teachers or by mentors or classmates alone. Expert Laboratory tests on a regular basis are to be taken. Hence the concept of the Lab. Visible contours of a gamut of behaviors like,

  1. Speaking: Timing, throw of words, toner, quality, sound pattern, Arguing
  2. Singing: rhythm, melody, catching sur and Taal,
  3. Playing: type of game, group or individualistic,
  4. Dancing: pattern, grasp,
  5. Running
  6. Fighting
  7. Arguing:
  8. Media Impact:
  9. Technology impact:
  10. Parenting impact:
  11. Teaching: Theory or practical
  12. Memory:
  13. Recalling:
  14. Thinking: Scientific or logical or interpreting
  15. Spiritual Bend
  16. Mixing in the group, which age group, quick or slow teammates etc….

We need to study all these and infinitely many aspects and dimensions of life that influences life. We need to study:

  • Buddhi- Intellect
  • Ahankara-Identity
  • Manas-Memory
  • Chitta-Consciousness etc….

at all levels and only then we prescribe career suggestions. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT A DETAILED RESEARCH AND THE SAME IS NOT DONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD SO FAR. This is one of its kind which requires support from all corners. This is the right time to attempt to study human beings in terms of all possible dimensions and use the data to group them under one category of Career Map where he fits best.

Career Laboratory Tests

In the scientific age that we are in, we planned to institutionalise the concept of choosing one career path rather than criss crossing and wondering what one would do in life for living. The concept of doing something should have a one to one mapping with what one is passionate about. The tests are designed to test all in this lab and help you choose your career, to We believe that life is not about doing a job, earning money and enjoying. It is essentially about understanding ourselves, understanding and appreciating the environment we live in and developing ourselves in the direction the GOD has designed us. We do understand that we all have our basic characteristic self-instinct, very different and unique which defines us. Career or life should be lived along our strengths. We will make you all live THE life you all deserve, where you can excel, enjoy, contribute significantly, create new world through visualisation and commitment. Some parameters where we would like to study individuals in order to prescribe the best path through the scientifically designed tests in our Career Lab are below:


  1. Career Interest: Passion, zeal, inner commitment and bend, likes and dislikes, happiness domain, natural inclination etc…
  2. Career Skills: commensurate to the strength and Gaps, Futuristic and predictable requirements for best performance, degrees and qualifications required for the chosen career path
  3. Career Personality: An individual has to choose a career based on the type of person he is. A thorough test will bring out one’s real type. We would scientifically and statistically correlate the data over a significant period of time to come to real conclusions to make clear suggestions.
  4. Career Value system: An important ingredient in one’s life is the set of values he is committed to. It is a reflection of society, education, family background, friend circle, language, religion, sex, caste and his self image, individuality and belief system. These matter while one chooses his career.
  5. Career Differentiating Acumen

Problems Not Solved yet can be taken up by youth

Instead of waiting for placement students should start solving the problems at hand and start contributing along with their ultimate aim where they wish to commit their life. The problems are in all areas of society:

  1. Education for all for all ages
  2. Hassle free Administration
  3. Removal of corruption
  4. Information access
  5. Poverty
  6. Cleanliness
  7. Forestry
  8. Agriculture
  9. Food products
  10. Law and its access, justice for all
  11. Linking investors with new age start ups
  12. Training Entrepreneurs
  13. Issues of IPR and patenting
  14. Sports
  15. Cultural diversity and its preservation
  16. Fashion design
  17. Security
  18. Technological advancements
  19. Mergers & Acquisitions
  20. Negotiations
  21. Money Management
  22. Health
  23. Insurance
  24. Transport system
  25. Film making
  26. Relationship building
  27. Publications
  28. Skill enhancements
  29. Country and its priorities
  30. World level recognition
  31. Engineering and problems of the people
  32. Armed forces and border issues
  33. Historical perspectives of use of technology and advancements
  34. Business and its aspects
  35. Innovation and Govt policies
  36. etc…..

A lot remains. We must become contributors at the earliest and carry the wisdom of growing together with utmost sincerity.

Search for all inclusive aspects of Educational Support required for All

Q: Should the planning for Education not be all inclusive and for ever, at all stages of life? If yes, what aspects should be covered and when?
All dream of Best Career. All deserve the luxuries and fun of life. All deserve to get the best out of it. All deserve basic necessities of life and a life where they get the respect from all fellow beings. But many do not get it, is a reality. Should we dare dream of a system in India wherein all will have to get educated and be a contributor to the income of the family, the state and the country in whatever manner depending on interest, skill, value system, personality and differentiating qualities.
We also want this at the fastest rate. Limited life span with unlimited capabilities and limitless opportunities can be best evolved if only all become educated. We need to be intensely involved in the deep rooted culture, humanity, respect for each other without an iota of doubt.
Important Aspects are:
  1. Domain knowledge & Technological Advancements
  2. Self Awareness and understanding
  3. Group dynamics and Behavioural Science
  4. Clarity in Goal setting based on passion and possibilities
  5. leadership
  6. Personality
  7. communication and Project Management
  8. Research & Analytical skills
  9. Life Skills & Balance
  10. Physical fitness
  11. Family Management
  12. Bridging Generation Gap by continuous Education etc….


Expect Experts to comment and join.



    Clarity and Balance in Life

    Taking a clue from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudevan’s interview I wish to put my words to the basic theme enshrined in the topic above. It will be of great advantage if understood by large number of learning community.


    Clarity of purpose and the problem at hand.

                        This comes only through real and continued Education. The problem with most in our part of the world is the confused, half hearted, hazy picture and perception, sometime planned so, by the vested interest. Many remain ignorant or innocent about the hidden pattern of the intended clarity including various business houses, institutions of repute, persons of great origin. We remain in the state of half clarity. Clarity at the level of policy making and its fully planned execution is a must. WE MUST STRIVE TO BECOME CLEAR IN ALL ASPECTS OF THE PROBLEM. THIS HAS TO BE ACHIEVED BY ALL BY ALL MEANS. BE READY TO FIGHT SMARTLY. BUT WE MUST UNITE FOR THE PURPOSE WITH CLARITY.


    Balance on all decisions without compromise.

                               A balance of course is required on the rigour with which the same is to be affecting many. With deep sense of integrity in life, one has to have a balance so that none remain without taking the fruits of development. Why should any one in any country remain divorced from the benefits of the system? Why should there be differential treatment on any basis other than merit. The balance should be made based on society, individual capabilities and disabilities, areas of development, sex, age etc…

    There is therefore a need for bringing this awareness through a comprehensive plan to educate all at all levels of age so as to keep abreast with the development and fit well with the new generations.

    When you have time

    The story of time and it’s different ways of management is now in number and even taught. What if you have time? Many a times it becomes very very difficult to handle what you have. Some usual things people would do is to contact those whom they have not been able to keep contact. Some would manage and take stock of finances, Human Resource, relatives, children, belongings etc. The actual most important aspect of self understanding or realisation of our inner reference point, the self, is not in focus. We realise only with experience that some opportunities have been lost. What should we therefore focus at? I believe we got to align our intelligence hidden in our talent and in us with the purpose of our life, our dharma and the intelligence of Universe of which we all are part. How can this be done. One is that you be what you are and go silence to understand this problem of alignment. Spiritually which has this at its base, clubbed with Yoga and meditation can bring miracles. Scientific method of testing individuals about their characteristic self may help reach this goal of all goals. Once you see or even imagine the essence of this divine alignment, magic will begin to happen. Do and achieve this ecstasy. Why wait? For those who don’t have time or resources are unlucky but you are worse if you don’t use what you have or do what you can. Passionate steps at the right time only will fetch right results.