Age Codes


Life itself can be codified based on the learning stages in terms of age for the Career so important to pursue. The nomenclature below are suggestive of the roles at different phases of life. The fact that we have not really focussed on each stage separately as learning stages, has led to the present situation in India, wherein we as Indians do not take Education as a need for all stages. We get engrossed into our routine and low level needs without upgrading for continued growth. It is not even in their thought because of existing system which is also the result of Education System. There is a need for a change. Education and upgradation has to be for whole life and a proper curriculum should be designed for all stages. The data at each stage has to be collected and studied and analysed scientifically to relate the talent with the career options at any stage.

Career & Age Codes: AC-I to AC-VI

AC-I. Learning Career-Schooling:

  • [A] Childhood: 05-10 years
  • [B] Adolescence: 11-15 years

AC-II. Stabilising Career-Intermediate / Higher Schooling:

  • [C] Youth: 16-20 years

AC-III. Deciding Career-College/University:

  • [D] Adulthood: 21-30 years

AC-IV. Active Career:

  • [E] Matured: 31-40 years
  • [F] Guide: 41-50 years

AC-V. Experienced Career:

  • [G] Experienced: 51-60 years
  • [H] Experts: 61-70 years

AC-VI. Advisory Career:

  • [I] Advisors: 71-85 years

A full research is a requirement and is on. We expect all to contribute to understand the real situation and the gap where we ourselves do not understand our own potential and the opportunities around. We must awaken at the earliest and support the economy at every stage of life. Some questions which will make us thinks are listed:

  • Who needs the suggestions and advice?
  • Where to get it from? What resources exist?
  • How authentic can the same be? 
  • What is the role of the Govt. in making this awareness?
  • How should the Education be planned for all stages above?
  • How will the same be received?
  • Can we suggest of an Education wing for all organisation or system no matter how small?