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Career is for Caring

While discussing and understanding of aspects of Career I was extremely happy to see a relation like Teach for Teachers, Seek for Seekers and the like, and interpret Career for Care or Caring. It has a deep hidden meaning and this article brings a new interpretation and point of view of the hidden design of GOD. GOD has created us all as a creator and left the choice of career to us. The moment one tries to understand the meaning of life and its purpose, the imprint is visualised. We are here to care about our fellow beings, share with them the opportunities, resources, acquired knowledge, skills, even wealth and the like. We, therefore, have to choose a direction of Career where we are at out Best and that has to be the direction of passion, no expectation, enjoyment of giving, caring, sharing, being your real self. The differences designed by the creator has to be appreciated and linked with its usefulness using our wisdom rather than being rebuked or put down. The universal leadership demands togetherness and that also comes from our scriptures where the whole world is one family. Yoga has the same essence of Unity. But unless we as individuals do not keep ourselves at our best version, this unity is not possible.

         Career Lab has this deep sense of enquiry to understand each individual for a longer time through tests and analyse the data for a longer period to come to a sufficient level of confidence to prescribe Career Passport with all details of the path to be followed. All will have to be tested for their passion and make THE BEST impact on their own lives along with all others directly or indirectly.

Inspired By Possibilities

  • Everyone on earth sees objects around him/her place of interaction or movement, observes people, interacts with so many different people with varying degree of appreciation, experiences situations in all walks of life, makes decisions and all these directly or indirectly influence our future.
  • Every problem is unique but there are so many different possibilities of solving it.
  • Life is full of opportunities and possibilities at all its stages. It would be nice if most possibilities or answers to life problems can be put before the life actors namely human beings, the path or journey can be smoothened and clearly understood.
  • It is precisely with this aim that this article is being written that we as conscious beings should be inspired by myriad possibilities that nature has already put before us. All we require is the following:
  1. Creative Vision
  2. Organised thought
  3. Controlled attention

Linking the possibilities with the dots created through our laboratory tests one is expected to have a clear way forward as far as his /her Career is concerned. All above points are ways of turning inward, looking at ourselves closely, as to what will give us the best blissful moments and how consistently the same can be followed for longer period of existence.

This inspiration needs the comprehensive perception of our persona, skill sets, value system and our response to these, with deep understanding, will guide us devote our lives to our own chosen career path.

L-CSR-Lab: Tao of Career

Tao by definition is that in virtue of which all things happen or exist or the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality, the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony, the path of virtuous conduct, the art or skill of doing something in harmony with the essential nature of the thing.
         Taoism teaches a person to follow their breath, to embrace wonder and the joy of living gracefully with style. It starts by teaching a truth; “The Tao” is indefinable. It then follows up by teaching that each person can discover the Tao on their terms. A system of belief, attitudes, and practices set towards the service and living to a person’s nature. The path of understanding Taoism is simply accepting oneself. Live life and discover who you are.
Your nature is ever changing and is always the same. Don’t try to resolve the various contradictions in life, instead learn acceptance of your nature.

We are each a blend of many truths. The truth taught in Taoism is to embrace life in actions that support you as a person. Taoism teaches a person to live in their heart.

Taoism can be summarised as acceptance of your life, following your breath to find peace, opening up a smile to enable possibility.

No wrong path exists at the end since it’s about experiencing life.


JEET Laboratory is attempting to be the Tao of Career for all, by understanding that nature and instinct through tests to let you choose as per your own real self.

The i6 Approach in phygital world

The world is becoming more digital than physical now. Extended uncertain times for all of us require greater mental strength and positivity. Impact of the time on school and Higher Education, Small businesses, lost earning opportunities in industries, little cash flows, and the fear of the future are very evident. There are other things not so evident but can do the most damage is the mental health itself, especially for those who have remained isolated from their near ones, those in remote places, those not well or are hospitalized, those not in good family relations, children locked at their adolescence. No clarity exists on the timeline and the remedy aspect, the confusion, therefore, may lead to disorders, sleep loss, small fights, bad dreams, body aches, etc.

What is coming in the near future in Industry and Academia perspective can be put as connectedness in manufacturing and campus, Assets and knowledge, people and industry, market readiness and adaptability, phygital and continuous learning, AI/ML, and other future skills, etc. How do we manage this unprecedented time is a big question. I suggest the i6 approaches be brought to focus.

The i6 Approach to Education is in remaining: ideal, involved, integrated, inclusive, inspired, and innovative.

  1. Ideal: Arrange your Stuff & refocus on goals: Taking this as an ideal time for setting the working engines in ready condition to run at the first signal. Changing our approach in thinking the situation may appear to be a lifetime “opportunity”.  as it comes with the most important quantity TIME. We can plan this at the individual, family, institutional, social as well as national level. We can become wiser and stronger in it. All that mattered and one could not focus earlier in any Educational system can now be brought out one by one to focus like Construction & infrastructure, Faculty & Staff Requirement, HR & Reward system, Organization structure, the accounts & Finance system, Admission & Marketing strategy, Stock Management, Online use of technology for Monitoring, Compliance, Documentation, Report Preparation, Team building,  Interviews from Alumni, Experience sharing, etc. almost at everything. We can work on all areas of Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Consumption and Knowledge Calibration.
  2. Involved: Continue to engage: Leadership plays a big role, where we need the continuous engagement of employees and encouragement to continue what they are best at. Sharpening of Skills, sharing data, websites, published papers, review articles, intelligence can take place from the ease of home so that depression can be avoided. Book Writing, Publishing, Departmental report preparation, collecting all important data of students, faculty, regulatory requirements, etc. can be our areas.
  3. Integrated: Brainstorm with faculty on group Target setting and remaining integrated  [Why, How & What]: While the first instinct, it may appear that financial burden is beyond the tolerable level, but integrity plays a big role. Making faculty and staff aligned with the organizational culture has its own cost.
  4. Inclusive: All-Inclusive and Expanded self: Managing with the heart, may seem to be the best option. Expanded heart and feeling in a compassionate manner would make an all-time culture of being together and this belongingness would increase the team strength.  Asking self-driven questions as to how has been our quality and where do we want to go in a targeted time will also bring in self-introspection. Accepting our mistakes and promising not to repeat and appreciating each employee would give a feel on oneness. Policy discussions and suggestions can be sought. Taking care of the psychological and financial needs of all would matter.
  5. Inspired: Work on Organizational Values:  Honesty, Trust, respect, and love for all would the real inspiration. Power to remain energized depends on what we attract. Trust is also important outside your company. Growth-oriented data need to be shared with appreciation. Session of inspirational and motivational talks would make things easy. Study of Industry, Student and Academia perspective of the digital realm can keep us inspired to find our areas of contribution.
  6. Innovative: Re-evaluate market and changing future Requirements: For Educational institutes, the ideas which are related to future skills, career options for students, innovation and incubation are to be brought and discussed in small groups. Thoughts on Training, Corporate Relationships, Tie-ups, Digital Technology, learning method Adoption, and improvisation would give leads. Creation of Technology culture, Content development, certification, New Learning platforms, etc. would become the real differentiators.

” When you finish changing, you are finished” Benjamin Franklin


Exemplary Leadership: Need of the Globe

The relevance of Leadership can’t be denied at any level of our interaction at every stage of life, organization, system, Government or existence. Leadership determines the essence of every Journey small or big. Goals, dreams, targets, time, distance, speed, success, failure all lose their significance. Ever since I gathered discriminatory senses, based out of my own experiences backed by teachings of the Gurus of my fortune and THE REAL HEROes, so far, I am in search of one such leader who would be really exemplary. To whom everyone from top to bottom would bow down

  • because of the values he carries,
  • because of the words he uses,
  • because of the decisions he takes,
  • because of the consistent unbiased and apt opinions he stands for,
  • because of short and long term clarity and balance of existence,
  • because of the love, trust, universality of care co-existing living & non-living creatures,
  • because of the magnanimity and vastness of his thought,
  • because of the infinite inclusiveness of all dimensions of cosmic creations,
  • because of the true reactions in all situations,
  • because of the usage of resources and demands endowed,
  • because of unbiased usage of technological advancements,
  • because of non-divisive moves and collaborative mode of operations
  • because of selflessness, he shows for the greater cause,
  • because of the followership, he creates, 
  • because of open-mindedness and heartfulness for critical time-dependent world situations
  • because of the open arms acceptance of all situations,
  • because of establishing a standardized system where each is respected and made important
  • because of the consciousness of the highest level and still, lead without claiming anything in return.

Humanity today is being tested and the results that accrue are the results of leaderships shown. Are we to learn from these odd situations prevailing? Indian genes have had these characters but are overshadowed by vrittis of the worldly pleasures and substantial lowering of our own selves. Going to our roots has GREAT HOPE. Leaders are made by what they are valued, else die unheard, unsung.

“The world is at the juncture of recreating an order. We need to identify the leader and allow Him to shape us.” 

What should be our focus now?

What is needed in the digital online Education focus?

There are various resources available online now in terms of Courses, Research Articles, Lecture series, PPTs, pdfs, Wikipedia and the like. Enough of material exists in every field of expertise.

1. Now is the time of Application.

2. Now is the time of expert opinions on various ideas of one field, which can be put to actual use in different fields. So a summary of concepts of each field should get published by experts from the field.

3. Now is the time to think about the options of Career in each field and draw out a roadmap for the next generations to keep their internet intact.

4. Now is the time to have Specific depositories of Knowledge, information, data of all surveys, experiences, and experiments of each field to be put as a digital library for the world to use.

5. Now is the time for open-heart discussion of experts on online forums to apply knowledge for the progress of the society.

6. Now is the time to make one Universally accepted Human norm for the inclusion of whole existence to create the expected world order.

7. Now is the time to kill negativity and develop only positivity.


…… Discussions on this line must begin.

Trending Online Education

Brief of Online education in India and its advantages: 

      The online education started in the 1840s when the legendary Isaac Pitman taught his students shorthand via correspondence! This early form of distance learning helped transform the way education was perceived by students. Over the years, distance learning went through different avatars before online education was finally introduced in 1999. With the development of technology, India has witnessed an enhanced acceptance of online education over a period of a few years. Many students and working professionals have joined different e-learning platforms in the past few years in order to enhance their skills. And, looking at trends, the number of people adopting online education platforms is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

      As of March 2017, 462.12 million Indians use the Internet, second only to China! This indicates the opportunities waiting to be explored in the field of online education. Many universities have already joined the bandwagon and are offering online courses on a wide range of topics. It’s time for more Indian students to embrace the world of opportunities online courses offer. Students numbers for online platforms for different test preparation is expected to increase. The different online platforms could either act as a substitute or complement to the existing offline test prep market to provide coaching to students for various exams such as JEE Main, NEET, CAT, Bank PO, and CLAT. It is projected that the category of test prep will grow at a CAGR of 64% in 2021.

     Many new players have emerged in the online test prep market which are launching exam-specific mobile applications for students. Apart from that, the lack of good faculty in tier 2 and 3 cities is also driving candidates from these areas to adopt online platforms for exam preparation. In nutshell it provides the following:

  • Choice-based course from the comfort of home
  • Lower costs involved
  • Convenient interaction with Online Tutors (OTs)
  • Hurdle-less career growth
  • Test Prep through Online Education
  • Emerging Trends in Indian Online Higher Education System (30% credits)
  • Improvement in computer-based skills
  • Test Prep through Online Education

Ways in which online education helps candidates prepare efficiently for different competitive exams are as follows:

  • Webinar: A seminar conducted in the online mode is referred to as a webinar. These days many online players conduct webinars that help candidates in conceptual clarity.
  • Mock tests: Mock tests are emerging as a popular course component for students wherein they participate in a series of tests and get a comparative assessment (with other students) of their performance. With mock tests, candidates also get to know their areas of improvement as well as test pattern of the competitive exam they are planning to appear for.
  • Videos: Videos are helpful for candidates in solving exam papers and other problem areas.
  • Counselling: As a differentiator, players in online test prep market have also started offering course and career counselling services to students.

As per KPMG report, there are many reasons why students and working professionals are moving towards e-learning/ online education. Have a look at some such reasons below:

  • Internet penetration: India has an internet penetration of about 31% today, which means 409 million internet users. It is predicted that by 2021, there will be nearly 735 million internet users in India, which will lead to the actual increase in traffic for online education players.
  • Smartphone penetration: Currently, there are 290 million smartphone users in India and the user base is expected to grow with the addition of another 180 million new users by 2021.
  • The Flexibility of time: This is specifically true for working professionals who have time constraints in pursuing an offline course. Pursuing a course in online mode allows a person to multi-task with other work and family commitments.
  • Quality education: There are areas in India where there is a lack of quality offline education. For instance, states such Bihar, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir account for about four lakh distance education enrolments, states KPMG report.
  • Immediate results: Online education allows candidates to get immediate results for any test that they appear for. This further helps them in preparing for exams more efficiently.
  • Study material: A variety of online study material in the form of videos and texts are encouraging students to adopt online education platforms.
  • Affordability: Online courses joined at UG or PG level are much more affordable than traditional programmes as depicted in the image below.

The Indian market for Online system:

As per a report released by KPMG India and Google, Online Education in India: 2021, the market for online education in India is expected to witness a magnificent growth of eight times in three years, i.e., from USD 247 million in 2016 to USD 1.96 billion in 2021. Such high growth in online education market is projected to be the outcome of the increased number of paid online education users from 1.57 million in 2016 to 9.5 million in 2021.

So, as the market for e-learning is predicted to grow multiple times in the coming years, let us see some emerging trends in Indian online higher education system.

Govt’s responding the call of Time & Technology for Higher Education:

India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. It mainly consists of three parts – university, college, and courses. And, all parts of the higher education system are governed by the UGC, AICTE, BCI, MCE etc and its professional councils. Government’s recent initiatives of MOOCs such as SWAYAM, e-Basta, and Digital India is expected to strengthen the infrastructure needed by students to pursue higher education in online mode.

The online higher education in India is at an early stage of development and has witnessed the emergence of different private universities offering UG and PG e-learning courses to students. However, as compared to graduation and diploma courses, the demand for online higher education is dominated by post-graduation courses such as MBA and MCA (as evident in the graph below). It is projected that the category of test prep will grow at a CAGR of 64% in 2021.

Course wise preference of online Higher Education

            MBA/PGDBM   MCA  MTech/MS  BEd/M.Ed/NTT

North     33 %             28%    19%              09%

West       39 %             34%    13%              07%

East        64 %             24%     04%             02%

South     36 %             24%     13%             17%

Q.4. What kind of courses are adopted by students and working professionals in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. 

No of users adopting online Courses    Tier-1    Tier-2

MBA/PGDBM                                                    36 %      48%

MCA                                                                   19%       38%

MTech/MS                                                        18%        06%

BEd/M.Ed/NTT                                                 14%       04%

LLB/LLM                                                           03%       01%

MA/MCoom/MSc                                              06%       03%

MD/MDS                                                            01%       01%

Others                                                                04%       00%


Courses emerging as preferred by the online system:

Many new players have emerged in the online test prep market which are launching exam-specific mobile applications for students. Apart from that, the lack of good faculty in tier 2 and 3 cities is also driving candidates from these areas to adopt online platforms for exam preparation.

Nos adopting Test Preparation Courses    Tier-1   Tier-2

Engg                                                                       32          26%

Medical                                                                 23%       13%

BA/BSc/BBA                                                          17%       13%

LAw                                                                       16%        06%

Civil Services                                                       20%        17%

GMAT/MBA                                                          11%        16%

CA                                                                          10%         09%

GOVT. Services                                                    32%         35%

Bank PO                                                                23%        30%

Source: KPMG Report: Online Education in India: 2021

Future Prospects of Online Education:

       Looking at the current trends, it is expected that online higher education market will witness considerable growth in the next five years and aid in distance learning programmes. However, since these courses are limited to theoretical content currently, adoption of virtual classroom concepts could bring a practical component in the online medium.

     A Hybrid model is expected to gain traction in future, where online players are expected to open offline centres to provide classroom-like experience to students. Also, gamification, the approach of introducing fun elements like video game design in learning, is likely to gain popularity in India. As per the report, some players have already started entering the space in order to enhance the engagement of learners.

Back to becoming a Guru गुरु

        In the initial Gurukul system, five stages were adhyaapak, shikshak, updeshak, Aacharya, Rishi. The Guru-Shishya Parampara (preceptor-disciple tradition) system has been in this nation since ancient times. The word गुरु, a noun, connotes “teacher” in Sanskrit, but in Indian traditions, it has contextual meanings with significance beyond what a teacher means in English.

The guru is more than someone who teaches specific type of knowledge and includes in its scope someone who is also a “counselor, a sort of parent of mind and soul, who helps mold values and experiential knowledge as much as specific knowledge, an exemplar in life, an inspirational source and who reveals the meaning of life.  As a noun, the word means the imparter of knowledge. As an adjective, it means ‘heavy,’ or ‘weighty,’ in the sense of “heavy with knowledge, heavy with spiritual wisdom, “heavy with spiritual weight,” “heavy with the good qualities of scriptures and realization,” or “heavy with a wealth of knowledge. The word has its roots in the Sanskrit gri (to invoke, or to praise), and may have a connection to the word gur, meaning ‘to raise, lift up, or to make an effort’.

            गुशब्दस्त्वन्धकारः स्तयात्रुशब्दस्ततन्निरोधकः। अन्धकारन्निरोन्नध्वात्गुरुरर्यन्निधीयते॥

The syllable gu means darkness, the syllable ru, he who dispels them, Because of the power to dispel darkness, the guru is thus named. — Advayataraka Upanishad, The guru is seen as the one who “dispels the darkness of ignorance. In pan-Indian traditions, a guru is someone more than a teacher, traditionally a reverential figure to the student, with the guru serving as a “counsellor, who helps mould values, shares experiential knowledge as much as literal knowledge, a role model in life, an inspirational source and who helps in the spiritual evolution of a student. The term also refers to someone who primarily is one’s spiritual guide, who helps one to discover the same potentialities that the guru has already realized or master which can achieve expert level with his perfectness in every field.  The Guru in Hindu tradition become very important person or pivotal figure of that field. These gurus led broad ranges of studies including Hindu scriptures, Buddhist texts, grammar, philosophy, martial arts, music and painting. The way all the subjects like literature, philosophy, Vedas were taught and made learned through face to face or Seena-ba-seena and verbalisation or mukhast in the same way music which is primarily a vocal and performing art, was also taught through Gurumukh and was assimilated.

      A guru was regarded as the metaphysical father of his disciple and is ranked higher than biological parents. Gurus were expected to teach everything they knew to the disciple. After the student proved to be a deserving candidate, he would get the discipleship of the Guru. A reverent master would bestow all his knowledge, skills to the fullest and make his student a perfect and a learned shishya. The success of a shishya was an image of the Guru’s success. We somehow drifted away from our own strengths and leading experiences. The proposition to change came through generations very slowly as they grew from our visitors with the wrong intent. In the end, the western culture influenced us and lowered the very value system we had for own education system and we became a teacher and a now only a facilitator.  The degradation is a result of the lowered focus on education per-say and we are prepared only to be a part of a workforce.

    The journey from गुरु to a teacher to a facilitator to गुरु has to now come into effect. The sequence of the time-dependent transition or journey of the teaching community demands a new emerging trend which apparently seems like going back in time but is the only way. It only proves that we came down the ladder from where we were. The needs of this great transformation, with realized experience, make different bells ring, that it is because of some historical compulsions or wrong importance being portrayed for different systems. The time for the same is now.

Corona may bring in a new age: Nav Yuga

COVID-19 Crisis may result in some far fetched changes that a new Age may begin referred to as Nav-Yuga. Most changes may have definite positive impacts but some, of course, will be negative, the most deadly of them is DEATH itself. Important areas or themes put as under may get affected by COVID-19 on the globe. We list some of them without any claim of completion (From A to Z):

  1. Academics, Agriculture, Attitude, Activities, Aviation, Artificiality of Intelligence, Analysis, Animal world, Advisors, Analytics, Accountability, Art, Arms Race
  2. Businesses, Banking, Behaviour, Book Keeping, Benchmarks, Bomb Policy
  3. Culture, Co-existence, Creation, Creativity, Competence, Career, Children, Courses, Certification, cybersecurity, consciousness, Communication, Cyber Space, Crime
  4. Disruption, Diseases, Digitization, Depository, Decision-Making, Disputes, Dictionary, Directed Research
  5. Education, E-University, E-money, E-print etc., Economy, Evolution, Entertainment, Emphasis & Execution, Empathy, Experimentation, Employability, Etiquette, Election, Electronics
  6. Future Skills, Future Jobs, Funding, Fun, Focus, Family, Friendship, Forest, Film
  7. Global Understanding of Co-existence, Goal fixation, Genetics, Governance, Gig Economy
  8. Health, Hospitality, Humanity, Holistic living, Harmony, Honesty, Hardware
  9. Information, Innovation, International Relations, Insurance, Importance of each individual, Industries, Intelligence system
  10. Justice, Journalism, Junk, Jobs
  11. Knowledge, Kinematics of Globe, sanctions
  12. Law, Leadership, Life Skills, New Learning Skills, Logistics
  13. Medical Science, Mental Health, Mutation, Market, Model, Manufacturing, Media
  14. Negligence, Negativity
  15. Organization at the world, national and local level, Orientation, online Education & Certification, Opportunities
  16. Polarization, Politics (Internal & External), Population, Psychology, Personality, Positivity, Pedagogy, Plant world, Protocols, Pharmacy, Production, Priorities, Parameters, Policies
  17. Quality & Ranking
  18. Research, Relationships, Religion, Regional, Robotization
  19. Science, Strategy, Security, Self-Realization, Spirituality, Social changes, Success, Savings, Software, Sharing, solutions, Story-telling, Subsidy, Salary Reduction, Staying Relevant, Sports, Soul search, Stardom, sustenance, Service pattern
  20. Technology, Thought leaders, Thinking pattern, Thinking Ability, True Education, Transactions, Travel, Tourism, Test Pattern
  21. UNO, Underworld, Universality, Usages & Utility, Urgency, Unity
  22. The Value system, Variations & Variability rates
  23. World order, World Bank, WHO etc.. , Western world, work ethics, Workplace & Remote working, Wellness
  24. X-factor
  25. Youth, Yoga, Yellow Journalism & Sensations
  26. Zero-level study

It is for the wise to start working all its aspects or around it so as to read the signals or writing between the lines. Research pattern and direction is bound to change for good. Still, I wish this dangerous monster should GO. We must grow to grow others. 

Corona: The test of Integration & Heart

The human body has three main parts Body, Mind and Soul. Looking at the way the three components, gifts of nature have evolved and nature has kept its pace with us, we try to analyse without the use of mathematics that someday we had to take a test as we are facing today. We are to answer the questions of nature and its un-natural evolution. Hence it is going to be a tough test. We try to find a ray of hope.

  1. Body Level: The human race began with our basic survival instincts where our body strength was what made us live. We did have the green and the white revolution to showcase our progress. We all survived well. Slowly bodily processes were replaced. 
  2. Mind Level: We kept growing stronger and stronger and then, in the process of this evolution, our mind became more active. Mind’s capacity to think, reason and argue made our languages, communication, togetherness grow. The family concept grew and society developed respecting each others’ intellect and physical strengths did not matter then. Science & Technology came in and we had the Industrial Revolution moving ahead of green and white revolution. Mechanization began with the aim of giving physical comfort to human life utilizing our resources, so abundant in the beginning. Brain started evolving giving mind all the freedom to explore. We reached a break-through and created Machines which are now replacing mind. Decision making is now machine-based. We replaced the mind with thinking machines. 
  3. Soul/ Heart Level: In the process of these progressions, the mother nature was crushed. We became more animal-like. Businesses started happening without application of the value system and it started impacting heart. Relationships have taken a back seat and Economy started driving the society. We kept on progressing with ever-increasing differences and neglecting what heart said. Money became a matter of the heart. The other heart did not matter. We wanted to replace the matter. We are in the process of replacing the Heart also. Mistrust, Lust, Corruption, Murder, Anger, divorce, fundamentalism and the like is the present norm.

GOD/ Nature had to rethink that the designed human being has no longer remained Human. It has bypassed all tests and has replaced the original BODY, MIND and THE SOUL. We are therefore put to test called Corona Test wherein we have to go back to our roots and realize the values of the self, the family, the society, nation and the globe as integrated co-existing unit lest we all are bound to perish. Only those with the strong and pure heart and universal thoughts will survive the test. It has no preferences of expertise, economy, territorial boundaries, intelligence etc…This is the Test of Integration.

Amidst Helplessness

Change is the only constant. Time had never shown this dangerous face while changing. Every action and reaction is a sign of changing the form of Energy and we as humans have the ability to choose its forms. We just have to be aware of it. Human life which is in its modified soul form, is different, from its original form because of the way we perceive things. We need to be in our unmodified and pure form obeying the natural orders.

This modified perception is a result of a number of successive activities inbuilt in us.

  1. An instrument for 1st observation (say Eyes)
  2. An organ of vision is in the nerve centre of the Brain (Neural circuit)
  3. The mind which connects the two to the brain through focussed attention
  4. The Buddhi reacts
  5. The idea of Egoism flashes
  6. The action and reaction are presented to the purush, the soul. The intelligent soul is behind the mind.

It appears we have no choice. In case the soul is pure and is at the right energy level, the interpretation is right the apt decision taken is timely. The modified soul, with variable energy, reminds us of a common man who usually makes mistakes and is also punished for it by the affected. The Chitta always attempts to bring the purush to original form but the modifications or deviations or impressions of time also called vrittis does the damage.

Now is the time to make that choice amidst this helplessness and our self-realization of the importance of obvious. We have proved ourselves to be weaker before the bigger NATURE and its laws beyond doubt. This imbalance created at all our physical, emotional, intellectual levels without the spiritual dimension and appreciation for all,  will have to be set right. I appeal to the educated, uneducated, businessmen, farmers, parents and the children alike to introspect as to why this false sense of accomplishments of wealth, luxury and items of the lower self, have some taken the preferred choice, when we can have the choice of the higher self. Society at large is suffering not because of lack of advancements in all directions but because of lack of wisdom. We have the tools with us and we are unintentionally or intentionally working for

The choice to set the energy levels to its right place is by consciously making active decisions at the right time. EDUCATION must have these included as part of living Life. Understanding self and its relationship with other human beings, nature and existence is a must and is possible. Can we call it as CBEA-Choice Based Energy & Action, achieved through spirituality and Yogic philosophy? These choices can be exercised based on initiating our self-regulated decision-making system and thinking about it. Some points are listed below:

  1. Bring your focus to self, family, society, state, nation, globe and existence in the same order.
  2. Think who needs whom most? Answer to yourself since we have all the time now.
  3. Think who is more important? Think what would make you important?
  4. Think what are our basic minimum requirements and where are we focussed? Maybe, we need to reverse our ways.
  5. Think, what we are contributing towards now and by what means? Our inner qualities only will help in these hours of need.
  6. We will have our Karma account only which would matter, nothing else.
  7. Think, what we are leaving for the next generation?
  8. In this time when knowledge is on our fingertips, but our attention is hijacked by our imaginary, un-understood, vague picture of ….. We have limited our sight whereas this was the time to look beyond with clarity.
  9. We have a false sense of confidence, defying the truth and trying it ourselves and failing without understanding why we failed. We are planning to fail if we have failed in planning. But we have been making the wrong choices to a great extent in all age group.
  10. Business groups must use their employees and move laterally in their production line based on the present requirement. Be with empathy and support for all.
  11. Elders have this responsibility and they must take decisions selflessly for the next generation rather than leaving them on the path of uncertainty without core values.
  12. Parents will have to play the role of the ideal depository of wisdom and be with the family without any complaint.
  13. Youth should cooperate with parents and work on aspects of projects, career, deeper understanding of core interest and passion. Make a roadmap of life now and start working towards it. This is the time for networking and using each other’s resources.
  14. Children should enjoy to the full with parents and siblings with the focus on health, active engagement, friendship extension and interaction with technology.
  15. is doing its role and we must follow the leader as Chinese did.

Together we can win.

Choice Based Energy & Action

Change is the only constant. Every action and reaction is a sign of changing the form of Energy and we as humans have the ability to choose its forms. Human life which is in its modified soul form is different, from its original form because of the way we perceive things.

This perception is a result of a number of successive activities inbuilt in us.

  1. An instrument for 1st observation (say Eyes)
  2. An organ of vision is in the nerve centre of the Brain (Neural circuit)
  3. The mind which connects the two to the brain through focussed attention
  4. The Buddhi reacts
  5. The idea of Egoism flashes
  6. The action and reaction are presented to the purush, the soul. The intelligent soul is behind the mind.

It appears we have no choice. Incase the soul is pure and is at the right energy level, the interpretation is right and the decision taken is timely. The modified soul, with variable energy, reminds us of a common man who usually makes mistakes and is also punished for it by the affected. The Chitta always attempts to bring the purush to original form but the modifications or deviations or impressions of time also called vrittis does the damage.

The choice to set the energy levels to its right place is by consciously making active decisions at the right time. EDUCATION must have these included as part of living Life. Understanding self and its relationship with other human beings, nature and existence is a must and is possible. Can we call it as CBEA-Choice Based Energy & Action, achieved through spirituality and Yoga?

Human Quests

Human Queries and Quests have always effected their own progress and their own conditions depending on how they have utilized their wisdom, from the learnings, from the responses of the environment and those surrounding them. We classify these quests into three categories:

  1. Outer Quests
  2. Inner Quests
  3. Spiritual/ Existential Quests

Life is for living and it can’t and should not be partially lived.  All three quests have to be met within one’s lifetime only. The very purpose and the reason for our free existence is nature’s way of progression. But Nature keeps many aspects hidden, for leaving all options open as our choices. Freedom is therefore hidden as a choice in our action. We have to decipher these hints of nature for excellence. Co-existence is existence is the underlying principle of NATURE.

We are made up of three different mutually exclusive parts mainly BODY, MIND, and SELF. The needs, characteristics, and qualities of these three are all very different and will have to be totally understood. Our sense organs make impressions from the outer world and generate responses as queries to be either interpreted rightly with understanding or without. The responses depend totally on the individual’s perception, wisdom, and personality. The results are obvious. Farsightedness and realization of impact space, it’s temporary/permanent nature and available resources make each one take decisions. These decisions have a pattern and the series of decisions taken bring in satisfaction or happiness and universal appreciation.

The quests which reflect in as requirements of three aspects of our being namely Body, Mind and Self become complex as we progress in age from childhood to adulthood to matured and old age. TRUE EDUCATION plays a big role. These complexities may even be termed as impurities. This comes in the form of varying energies in different individuals. We understand them as different versions of individuals. Since we are social beings, the relationship between individuals, at the family level, society level and at the level of existence should be looked differently. The aim of this article is to highlight this important aspect, missing NOW.

  1. The Body is not us. The bodily requirements are limited and discontinuous, and we must understand the limitedness in terms of availability of resources and using the universal co-existence principle and mutually agreeable at all levels.
  2. The mind is like the sky for an astronaut, the freedom given to us as a gift of nature. Training the mind to remain aligned with our purpose and goal is very much possible if we begin early. We must take up universal teaching on priority before it is too late. Only Education is the key. 
  3. The self requirements are unlimited and continuous. We exist to grow our inner selves. Paths are known.

Only priorities have to be shifted and the Quest or the thrust can be quenched.