The i6 Approach in phygital world

The world is becoming more digital than physical now. Extended uncertain times for all of us require greater mental strength and positivity. Impact of the time on school and Higher Education, Small businesses, lost earning opportunities in industries, little cash flows, and the fear of the future are very evident. There are other things not so evident but can do the most damage is the mental health itself, especially for those who have remained isolated from their near ones, those in remote places, those not well or are hospitalized, those not in good family relations, children locked at their adolescence. No clarity exists on the timeline and the remedy aspect, the confusion, therefore, may lead to disorders, sleep loss, small fights, bad dreams, body aches, etc.

What is coming in the near future in Industry and Academia perspective can be put as connectedness in manufacturing and campus, Assets and knowledge, people and industry, market readiness and adaptability, phygital and continuous learning, AI/ML, and other future skills, etc. How do we manage this unprecedented time is a big question. I suggest the i6 approaches be brought to focus.

The i6 Approach to Education is in remaining: ideal, involved, integrated, inclusive, inspired, and innovative.

  1. Ideal: Arrange your Stuff & refocus on goals: Taking this as an ideal time for setting the working engines in ready condition to run at the first signal. Changing our approach in thinking the situation may appear to be a lifetime “opportunity”.  as it comes with the most important quantity TIME. We can plan this at the individual, family, institutional, social as well as national level. We can become wiser and stronger in it. All that mattered and one could not focus earlier in any Educational system can now be brought out one by one to focus like Construction & infrastructure, Faculty & Staff Requirement, HR & Reward system, Organization structure, the accounts & Finance system, Admission & Marketing strategy, Stock Management, Online use of technology for Monitoring, Compliance, Documentation, Report Preparation, Team building,  Interviews from Alumni, Experience sharing, etc. almost at everything. We can work on all areas of Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Consumption and Knowledge Calibration.
  2. Involved: Continue to engage: Leadership plays a big role, where we need the continuous engagement of employees and encouragement to continue what they are best at. Sharpening of Skills, sharing data, websites, published papers, review articles, intelligence can take place from the ease of home so that depression can be avoided. Book Writing, Publishing, Departmental report preparation, collecting all important data of students, faculty, regulatory requirements, etc. can be our areas.
  3. Integrated: Brainstorm with faculty on group Target setting and remaining integrated  [Why, How & What]: While the first instinct, it may appear that financial burden is beyond the tolerable level, but integrity plays a big role. Making faculty and staff aligned with the organizational culture has its own cost.
  4. Inclusive: All-Inclusive and Expanded self: Managing with the heart, may seem to be the best option. Expanded heart and feeling in a compassionate manner would make an all-time culture of being together and this belongingness would increase the team strength.  Asking self-driven questions as to how has been our quality and where do we want to go in a targeted time will also bring in self-introspection. Accepting our mistakes and promising not to repeat and appreciating each employee would give a feel on oneness. Policy discussions and suggestions can be sought. Taking care of the psychological and financial needs of all would matter.
  5. Inspired: Work on Organizational Values:  Honesty, Trust, respect, and love for all would the real inspiration. Power to remain energized depends on what we attract. Trust is also important outside your company. Growth-oriented data need to be shared with appreciation. Session of inspirational and motivational talks would make things easy. Study of Industry, Student and Academia perspective of the digital realm can keep us inspired to find our areas of contribution.
  6. Innovative: Re-evaluate market and changing future Requirements: For Educational institutes, the ideas which are related to future skills, career options for students, innovation and incubation are to be brought and discussed in small groups. Thoughts on Training, Corporate Relationships, Tie-ups, Digital Technology, learning method Adoption, and improvisation would give leads. Creation of Technology culture, Content development, certification, New Learning platforms, etc. would become the real differentiators.

” When you finish changing, you are finished” Benjamin Franklin


Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

An Enthusiastic Educationist with Innovative, Integrated & Scientific plans to bridge the CAREER GAP for all (5 to 85 yrs old) between DOING & BEING through Lab, through Written, Verbal, Physical, Neuro-cognitive, Psycho-Anaytical Tests. Prescriptions are offered with individualistic Career Passports with all details of career maps and bends.

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