Career Laboratory Tests

In the scientific age that we are in, we planned to institutionalise the concept of choosing one career path rather than criss crossing and wondering what one would do in life for living. The concept of doing something should have a one to one mapping with what one is passionate about. The tests are designed to test all in this lab and help you choose your career, to We believe that life is not about doing a job, earning money and enjoying. It is essentially about understanding ourselves, understanding and appreciating the environment we live in and developing ourselves in the direction the GOD has designed us. We do understand that we all have our basic characteristic self-instinct, very different and unique which defines us. Career or life should be lived along our strengths. We will make you all live THE life you all deserve, where you can excel, enjoy, contribute significantly, create new world through visualisation and commitment. Some parameters where we would like to study individuals in order to prescribe the best path through the scientifically designed tests in our Career Lab are below:


  1. Career Interest: Passion, zeal, inner commitment and bend, likes and dislikes, happiness domain, natural inclination etc…
  2. Career Skills: commensurate to the strength and Gaps, Futuristic and predictable requirements for best performance, degrees and qualifications required for the chosen career path
  3. Career Personality: An individual has to choose a career based on the type of person he is. A thorough test will bring out one’s real type. We would scientifically and statistically correlate the data over a significant period of time to come to real conclusions to make clear suggestions.
  4. Career Value system: An important ingredient in one’s life is the set of values he is committed to. It is a reflection of society, education, family background, friend circle, language, religion, sex, caste and his self image, individuality and belief system. These matter while one chooses his career.
  5. Career Differentiating Acumen

Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

An Enthusiastic Educationist with Innovative, Integrated & Scientific plans to bridge the CAREER GAP for all (5 to 85 yrs old) between DOING & BEING through Lab, through Written, Verbal, Physical, Neuro-cognitive, Psycho-Anaytical Tests. Prescriptions are offered with individualistic Career Passports with all details of career maps and bends.

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