An Attempt to make Career as the best Choice based on research in lab

         JEET has imagined to make an attempt to start with a laboratory concept where large scale research, which will be carried on all aspects of Human beings on their career.

      This as an idea that has been floated and has huge bearings on human decision making, family welfare and progression, societal planning of workforce, Govt. planning and its orientation with all decisions related to infrastructure, recruitment, training and development and all policies of Education and tackling the real problems of unemployment.

           Employment is not just a means of survival and should not be begged or grabbed as and when available or availed whenever it comes, but a matter of meticulously planned steps to pursue one’s passion and enjoy what one believes in and is capable of doing and impacting.

           It is a product of multi-dimensional opportunities, physical and mental health apart from Govt. policies, geography and history of the family, the society and the parents and their needs and priorities. Many a times it is not the individual’s choice at all. It is taken up by force or under compulsion.

Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

An Enthusiastic Educationist with Innovative, Integrated & Scientific plans to bridge the CAREER GAP for all (5 to 85 yrs old) between DOING & BEING through Lab, through Written, Verbal, Physical, Neuro-cognitive, Psycho-Anaytical Tests. Prescriptions are offered with individualistic Career Passports with all details of career maps and bends.

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