Ethical Leadership is a requirement

            I quote my Principal Col. P.S. Satsangi, of Sainik School Tilaiya, where he had repeatedly said on many occasions: “Always do the right thing, at the right time, in the right manner, with a right motive and with the right spirit”. Never did I realise then that these are the traits of Leadership. But it got so badly ingrained in me that he brought out the best in me. As I travelled through  my journey of life as Teacher, I realised that those words kept ringing in my ears and I even kept teaching the same and practising it. I always got the result and its real fruits. I never knew I was following this or following the best scripture Bhagvat Gita.

             As a student of Science never did I read the leadership style and ever debate on what should be its type. Or what type of a leader is the best. But the child as well as the young man in me had the seeds. I became a Professor, a Dean, a Principal and now a Vice Chancellor, a matured person in me in age now has to deal with administrative decisions  where in one has to find and decide as to who is right and who is wrong. What type of a role should I play as the Head of the family called University. I started exploring and studying. I learnt that Leadership is not about being crowned as the king or the first person of the family. It is about taking responsibilities and I started taking the same with my conscious self. As I started reading some scriptures, I did realise that from time immemorial this very question of right and wrong, good and bad, falsehood and truthfulness resulted into bloodsheds, fights, battles including Mahabharata.

              Today even in this age the basic sense has not prevailed to distinguish between the two. We still do not have the conscience of making a decision as to whom to support and whom to oppose, Whom to obey and whom to disobey, Whom to follow and whom to  be afraid of. What should be done and what should never be done?  one realises that we need to take  decisions based on three basic facts:

(a) Does the act arise any fear?

(b) Does the act arouse any doubt?

(c) Does the act give us any shame?

             Incase the answer to any of these is yes, the act is wrong. Else you can just do it. Your thought, your  words, intellect and conscience (inner voice) should be all be one. That is the real ethics. The type of leadership required yesterday, today and tomorrow is only the one who has real Understanding of self, has alignment with the universal truth and supports the morality and is right. We can not just keep making things right, we should do right things. We need such ethical leadership. We should inculcate the FIRE in all. The fire is explained below:


           F: Fortitude & Courage; Courage to overcome Fear of failure, success and death

           I: Inclusive & integrated intelligence; 

           R: Reflections; of self and focus on our contribution for universal good

           E: Equanimity; Existence for all






Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

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