Inherent social self contradictory traits

            Society in olden age, in yesteryears, Yesterday and even today is filled with self contradictory traits.

  1. Can we remove unwanted weeds to make our future saplings to grow well in a free environment?
  2. Are we otherwise not forcing them to be devoid of free thinking?
  3. Don’t we all want our children to become universally accepted by all in all respect?
  4. Why do we make them biased and blame that the society is bad or different?
  5. Does it not reflect our undeveloped self to accept universal social norms.
  6. Rather than sticking to narrow sectoral traits, we must look towards and encourage common good for all and remove contradictions.

            I am sure social scientists must have tried to fathom into its details and tried to find the basic historical facts. Many must have encouraged the continuity of the same in the name of preserving its uniqueness even for future for whatever reasons. I wonder if they have dealt with universalisation and its universal characterisation based on the value it propagates for future generations in the present age.

     Today should be the age of HUMANITY with ALL HUMAN RELIGION, HUMAN ACCEPTANCE, HUMAN APPRECIATION, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, HUMAN APPROACH TO PROBLEMS, HUMAN GOVERNANCE, HUMAN TREATMENTS for all. We do talk of Human Machine interaction and Learning but we have not become Human. Success is not in winning but in developing the capacity to make Human Race win over its weaknesses and make use of Human intelligence to do it as early as possible.

Contradictory traits are in all our behaviour:

  1. We value what suits us rather than right and righteousness
  2. we support those who matter for us rather than the truthful individual.
  3. We support those in position or are powerful (at present) or show the same artificially creating similar environment rather than the real worker who does right.
  4. We use our positions to hinder progress by being unjust in our dealings.
  5. We as servants of public make public suffer.
  6. We expect more than what we deserve.
  7. We want all luxury but for free without toiling for it.
  8. We manage all above by giving and below by suppressing.
  9. We break rules and avoid law and law executing bodies by all means.

Who is fooling whom is a big question?


Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

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