Why do we remain average or below?

The space available to all of us to carve our full potential is perceived as Life and most lives remain average or even below that. The reasons have to be found because we swing between our past and future and do not cling to the present. What can change us is the present moment and not anything else. The moment, which is a gift available only to human being to be used, misused or wasted depending on the orientation we have been put to by our so called environment. It is the HUMAN BEING which is THE MOST evolved being and has the choice of using time. In early days which we remember as golden or glorious past, people had the wisdom which they could use to make our lives self sustaining without harming or overusing the environment. In the middle as we grew in wealth and wisdom we became destructive or a parallel movement began where we started using the NATURE for making a future for ourselves and self sustenance got left out in this race. We became self destructive. Creative and destructive forces acted together for long before the destructive forces overtook in the name of development or good living or business or wealth creation and today that greed has made us self- oriented. The moment we focus only on our growth without caring for nature and the surrounding the limitation in our growth follows. We have begun to increase our capability not for contributing to the development of the surrounding or the environment but for making profits and we lost the race for complete growth.

               Wisdom plays the role whereby we MUST understand that our welfare lies in the welfare of others. Co-existence and appreciation of our roots and origin as human being, as sons and daughters of our parents, as citizens of the country, as experts in different fields, as responsible persons sitting on some positions, as representatives, as business men, as service centres, as consultants, as servants of HUMAN RACE, is a must before we get lost in many many different ways. EDUCATION to guide people to DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO will have to be promoted. We can not afford to remain average and eat on others’ efforts or others’ accumulated wealth or wisdom. We are all borne unique and have a purpose. We need to recognise that and gather all wisdom to be one full of energy to serve. We should not become obstacles in the away of other’s development rather support and be there to give our bit to let everyone contribute. The whole world has to listen to the inner voice (THE TRUE DIRECTION) rather than being isolated as sects, religious believers, partisan, regional stalwarts or global rulers. Divisive forces will only divide and make us smaller. Before we vanish by becoming smaller or narrower in expertise, wisdom or appreciation of each other’s strength, We must rise. I call experts to devise clear pathways so that the next generation does not have to again rediscover all that we have today, and simply go round and round on the same path. Let each career path be clearly spelt out so that anyone willing to take that will end having the best of life and sense of fulfilment, since fulfilment is an inner feeling only the inner callings will have to be pursued seriously. We will help you understand your call and suggest a laid out path for YOU. All are welcome.

Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

An Enthusiastic Educationist with Innovative, Integrated & Scientific plans to bridge the CAREER GAP for all (5 to 85 yrs old) between DOING & BEING through Lab, through Written, Verbal, Physical, Neuro-cognitive, Psycho-Anaytical Tests. Prescriptions are offered with individualistic Career Passports with all details of career maps and bends.

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