What do we need in our life?

All of us come to this life in the same way. Why do we need different things? This question bothered me for long. I still do not have an answer. But I do know that we need, we appreciate, we acknowledge, we ponder, we dwell, we believe, we profess, we think and practise DIFFERENT things in the same life individually while living together. Most of the times we do completely contradicting acts, many a times self damaging. BUT WE DO IT.  This only means we are not together ever with the surroundings and many a times even with ourselves. The question again is why are we not together? Possibly because we feel that we are competing for the resources available in nature in and around us. Why did we learn to compete or fight or preserve for self consumption? This is another unanswered question I wish to ask.  Then why are we working against ourselves? Have we not understood or are we not guided by ourselves?  We have our life in our hands to be used or misused, corrupted or enlightened. What should we choose? What do we need, is therefore a great question. An honest answer from the heart will give you the roadmap of your career. Once you draw a sketch of the road, we now have to learn the steps to tread that path. Destiny can never be bad or uncertain if we have taken each step cautiously without any bias but only with a focus to strengthen ourselves at each by increasing our capabilities and learning new lessons from the experiences of successes and failures on way. What we now need are the steps on the chosen path. There are many who are guiding many. We are one who would make things easy and guide you to make THE choice. YES, It is possible. We have it in us. We only have to be clear about it by removing the dirts above it. SOUL is always pure and each soul has a purpose which is to be recognised through the Life Career Laboratory Tests. We believe you WILL succeed and YOU deserve  a better life every changing moment.

Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

An Enthusiastic Educationist with Innovative, Integrated & Scientific plans to bridge the CAREER GAP for all (5 to 85 yrs old) between DOING & BEING through Lab, through Written, Verbal, Physical, Neuro-cognitive, Psycho-Anaytical Tests. Prescriptions are offered with individualistic Career Passports with all details of career maps and bends.

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