Search and research in Education with responsibility

          Education at all levels require dedication, commitment, awareness, in-depth knowledge and appreciation of growing aspirations of the teacher and the taught.

       The continued relationship with all stakeholders in the field of Education is becoming a challenge. A lot is to be achieved and THIS important aspect is not getting the attention it deserves. Less Educated or illiterate CAN NOT appreciate the changing time and they can not therefore fulfil the real future needs. The GAP is widening but good sense is prevailing to bring back its importance and its lost glory. Understanding of its importance is a responsibility of one and all. Sooner the better. This requires search and research at all levels:

Teachers’ level,

Parents’ level,

Society level,

Government level,

Students’ level,

Technology level,

Psychological level,

Spiritual level,

Economic level etc….

We know and we all believe, that it is possible if and only if,  we take the full responsibility. Why should we not bring back what we already had.? The history was great and the present scope is huge. The TIME is now. Wish we have a discussion on EDUCATION at all levels to create workforce based on

Talent, Training, Interest, Inclination, affordability, Respect and positive competition.

May the Search begin for better days since Education & Awareness determines all developmental signatures.

Author: LifeTime Career Research Lab

An Enthusiastic Educationist with Innovative, Integrated & Scientific plans to bridge the CAREER GAP for all (5 to 85 yrs old) between DOING & BEING through Lab, through Written, Verbal, Physical, Neuro-cognitive, Psycho-Anaytical Tests. Prescriptions are offered with individualistic Career Passports with all details of career maps and bends.

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