Career Lab: A new Concept

              LifeTime Career, Skill & Edupreneurship Research Lab [L_CSR LAB] is an absolutely new concept in the manner we have dreamt about it. It is with a view that we want all from the age of five to eighty-five to have clear pathways shown before they venture into the journey of life or whenever they wish to take a career turn. The career that they choose, should be best suited for him in all dimensions and he should also contribute his best. Even though there are many who have shared their viewpoints and experiences, they have not still adopted a scientific way of prescribing suggestive best ways. We aim to attempt the same with thorough research on each individual self.

           Author is a Dreamer & Teacher with substantial depth to venture into new Educational arena with commitment to create an Eco-system with reasonable control on career-related aspect of life with clarity, purity and sincerity and realisation of a sense of fulfilment through Education, Training, Motivation, Testing real individual passion and inherent talent and its suitability through established scientific methods for the Society at large. He wishes to impact the masses of the country and the globe through this mission.

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       He believes that “Life is a Laboratory”where we understand the behaviour/ response of each one we meet, and most of the times, without real assessment, we cross through many borders without appreciating the deep nuances in real sense. we must explore its hidden patterns and inherent meaning. Only after deeper understanding in the Lab can Life blossom to the full.

        The Philosophy:  This Association to serve the Human race has the vision to impact one and all since everybody’s CAREER effects us all. This is about Life & Choosing Life through Wisdom of Life. We understand that a Big Gap exists between what we are, and what we are doing and how we should be doing.

Can we narrow this Career Gap for all by bringing this life to our Laboratory?

In the contemporary world, a plethora of suggestive guidelines come from many whom we meet and most of these are based on hearsay, past experiences of people, some success or failure stories, some sectoral/narrow or one-sided expert opinion and most of us are somehow forced to make our lives based on these suggestions. Question remains:

      Have we made the right decisions?

      Can we change it now?

      Who can advise?

      Can we arrive at THE decision of Life scientifically?

         There are hardly any laboratory-based tests, whereby we can be conclusive of most suitable Career path for individuals. We as a team of Experts are attempting to take on these suggestive but prescriptive Service to one and all for all life. This will be based on a comprehensive data analysis of your inputs as an individual and your persona and all its aspects. Every member registered is registered for life long service, since one’s choice can change with time and wisdom, need or requirements. You can always come back and revisit. Nothing Succeeds like success is an age-old saying and we take a pledge to make you successful in this Life by advising you of the best options suited for YOU.

        You possess your own sculpture though mostly hidden, and you are the Architect. You need an Eco-system to bring out the best in you. 

          This Laboratory will guide you to choose between just a few options available based on your personal situation, your interests, experiences, capabilities, family history, genetic structure, blood group, psychological and physical strengths, Academic excellence, bends, trends,  financial health, future aim, state of ignition or awakening and appreciation achieved etc. through a set of tests. We are a team to guide you.

      “DESIGN & CHOOSE YOUR OWN CAREER PATH YOURSELF THROUGH US AT ANY TIME IN LIFE. EARLIER THE BETTER” We believe that we become wiser every day and we may have to choose our career or do a mid-course correction with informed decision and wisdom after expert opinion from Academicians and experts from different fields.

    NOTE: Register with us for complete Scientific guidance on career opportunities at every stage and every corner of your Life any number of times. We serve everyone from the age of 5 to 85 ( “Five to Eighty-Five”) hence the name.